‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Season 9 Cast: Kim Zolciak Bravo’s Second Choice For Return?

There’s a level of uncertainty surrounding The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9 cast, with rumors about Kim Zolciak’s return. Amid the chatter and reports that she’ll be back on the show, Kim has denied the speculations.

NeNe Leakes added to the confusion about whether Kim Zolicak will return to The Real Housewives of Atlanta in Season 9 when she sat down with People NOW last week to say that the Don’t Be Tardy star has been filming with the rest of the cast. NeNe claimed that producers first approached her with their negotiations to sign her on as a full-time housewife or “supportive friend,” but she wasn’t interested. NeNe said she wanted to solely make special appearances. In her words, producers wrote up a contract especially for her. When she turned it down, she claims they took the same proposal to Kim.

“I heard once they couldn’t work their deal out with me, they went to Kim Zolciak,” Leakes said. “I’m just telling you the truth!”

She believes Zolciak agreed to what the higher-ups wanted.

“When we couldn’t work the deal out on me making appearances, then they went to Kim to work the same thing, I suppose,” Leakes said. “I’m assuming she took it.”

It doesn’t sound like NeNe Leakes was certain that Kim Zolciak agreed to the deal she rejected, but was sure that she was back on the show. NeNe noted that since Kim’s been away from the RHOA scene for so long, there would be some awkwardness in the beginning.

“I think it’s going to be really odd,” she said. “Kim hadn’t been around the show for a while. It’s going to be odd having Kim back. But I think the fans want to see her though.”

For her part, Zolciak denies she’s coming back. According to TMZ, sources close to Kim say she hasn’t taped anything for the show and doesn’t see any point in returning. The sources did confirm earlier reports that Kim’s daughters, Brielle and Ariana, filmed a scene for Season 9 at Sheree Whitfield’s son’s birthday party.

Furthermore, TMZ reports that Bravo producers are confident NeNe Leakes will be back on the show “front and center — just like last season.”

On an unrelated note, NeNe also told People NOW that Sheree Whitfield is getting an upgrade to full-time housewife on RHOA. She made a return to the show last season as a “friend of the Housewives.”

“I heard they let Shereé hold a peach now,” Leakes said, referring to the possibility that Whitfield will be in the show’s opening credits.

As to whether Kim Zolciak will re-appear on The Real Housewives of Atlanta in Season 9, she has adamantly denied the rumors on Twitter.

“No I will not be on RHOA this season was never asked to be so not sure where the rumors are coming from,” Kim tweeted on September 6.

Kim’s husband, Kroy Biermann, was let go from the Buffalo Bills after the team had to cut its roster down to 50 players. This has fueled more speculation that Kim could change her mind about returning to RHOA because she might need the money.

Kroy isn’t finished in his quest to get signed on with an NFL team. A separate TMZ report indicated that he’ll meet with several other teams that include the Titans, Panthers, and his former team, the Falcons.

Attentive fans on social media may know about Brielle’s tweet conjuring up thoughts that her mother might return to RHOA.

“Real housewives of Atlanta was the s**t when my mom was on it….. should she go back on it??” Brielle tweeted.

With the tweet, Brielle had a poll for fans to weigh in seeing Kim back on the show. Sevents-eight percent said they’d like to see her make a comeback.

Do you hope to see Kim Zolciak return to The Real Housewives of Atlanta in Season 9?

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