Microsoft Wants You To Buy Surface Pro 4 Instead Of MacBook Air Or MacBook Pro

Microsoft has been releasing commercials making fun of Apple’s MacBook series, and their latest is no different. Windows Central has the news.

“The new Surface Pro 4 ads debuted on Thursday night during the Carolina Panthers-Denver Broncos NFL game. They represent yet another aspect of the partnership between Microsoft and the NFL when it comes to the tablet. In the commercial, Brown says having a powerful device like the Surface Pro 4 allows him to quickly go through all of the data he collects on each player he scouts.”

The article adds that Brown makes a jab at Macs when he states that using the screen as a writing pad and the ability to turn a notebook into a tablet is something Apple’s notebooks can’t do.

This ad comes out just week after another one was released, which features a woman trying out features on the Surface Pro 4 and failing to be able to replicate them on a MacBook. A nerdy man is singing a jingle in the background.

The commenters after an article on the Surface Pro 4 commercial at Mac Rumors, which was one of the first sites to report about the commercial, aren’t too happy.

“Not a fan of anything that runs Windows after suffering that OS for the last 20 years, so much of my life i cannot get back fixing, repairing and babysitting that junk, i must have had Stockholm syndrome,” says 2ilent8cho.

“Those are the characteristics of a detachable 2-in-1. But the MacBook Air is… and has always been… a traditional laptop. Comparison fail? There are plenty of Windows laptops that don’t have a detachable keyboard, pen or touchscreen either,” says Michael Scrip.

The Surface Pro 4 was released on October 26, 2015. It has been a huge hit. [Image via Daryl Deino]

The Surface Pro 4 has become the go-to device for those who want a high-powered laptop that can also be used as a tablet. When the Pro 4 was first released last October, Engadget gave the device an almost perfect review.

“The Surface Pro 3 was a sign that Microsoft’s crazy hybrid tablet experiment might actually have legs. The Surface Pro 4, on the other hand, is the company’s Surface dream made real. Everything Microsoft promised at that surprise Surface unveiling in 2012 is here today with the Pro 4,” claimed critic Devindra Hardawar, while also noting that the battery life can certainly be improved.

Digital Trends also gave the Surface Pro 4 an excellent review.

“The Surface Pro 4 is a microcosm of the change Microsoft is trying to spur inside its own walls. Time and time again, it missed the opportunity to leap on a new trend in consumer technology. But not with Surface.”

The review adds that, this time, Microsoft has become a leader, and is setting the trend. And unlike its new competitors, Microsoft had time to work out the kinks. Unfortunately, one of those kinks isn’t battery life. When the Pro 4 first came out last fall, people with the Intel Core i7 versions of the device were reporting they only were able to get three hours of battery life.

Microsoft has made the battery life on the Surface Pro 4 tolerable, but not great. [Photo by Andrew Burton / Getty Images News]

Microsoft has addressed the Surface Pro 4 battery life problems with driver updates, though the device still isn’t one that one would want to take with them without the charger. One can always extend the battery life by putting the Pro 4 into “Power Saving Mode” or reducing the screen brightness. Still, the battery life hasn’t been enough of a big issue to deter customers away from the Surface Pro 4. Microsoft has created a winning laptop/tablet hybrid, and one hopes the Surface Pro 5, scheduled to be released in early 2017, will be even better.

[Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images]

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