Masika Kalysha Slams Fetty Wap’s Parenting Skills After ‘Love And Hip Hop Hollywood’ Confrontation

In the last episode of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, it looked like Fetty Wap and Masika Kalysha were heading toward a healthy co-parenting relationship.

However, after the episode, aired Masika slammed the rapper and attacked his parenting skills.

“In tonight’s episode we were in a great place… We had just come from my doctors appt and were working on our relationship for our daughter,” the reality TV star tweeted.

Masika revealed that her issues with Fetty Wap were particularly stressful because it is about their child and not her.

“Dealing with this situation has been the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to deal with [because] it’s not about my feelings it’s about our baby.”

According to VH1, Masika then launched several tweets explaining to the Love and Hip Hop Hollywood viewers why she is going public with her relationship issues and explained that we only get to see a glimpse of their drama.

“Talking about this on tv isn’t easy. But with all the lies in the blogs I didn’t have a choice. There’s so much that I haven’t said and will never say to protect my child. But understand that you only see and hear a small portion of what really happened between us. Regardless of who’s right or wrong the only 1 who’s feelings matter in this situation is my daughters. I will always put her 1st & do what’s best for her.”

Masika posted a video on Instagram of the former couple during a better time in their relationship, she goes on to caption the video with the following.

“Before all the drama before all the headlines and tweets and interviews… We were just 2 people enjoying life that ended up creating a life. Yes, a very small portion of our relationship is public but that’s not even 10% of the truth.”

Despite their issues, Masika was happy that Fetty Wap was there to witness the birth of their child. She also revealed how watching the episode made her feel.

“Tonight’s episode was really emotional for me to watch. Reliving the day our daughter was born and all the emotions from this past year… Learning to forgive and move forward in a situation that changes daily is close to impossible. But I’m trying. We have a long way to go. But I’m going to continue being the best darn mommy ever and giving my little angel the entire world no matter what.”

Their child, Khari Barbie, was born in March earlier this year. Fetty originally denied that he was the father. However, Masika stated that he only did this publicly and knew all along that the child was his.

Fetty also denied that they were ever in a relationship and alluded that Masika trapped him by getting pregnant on purpose.

However, Masika disputed the rapper’s claims and stated that they were seeing each other over a long period of time and considered moving in together.

Some fans of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood criticized Ms. Kalysha for filming the birth of her child. However, the reality star is glad that she got to relive the special moment when she gave birth to her first child.

The 25-year old rapper reportedly has three children with three different women. Two other women have also alleged that they are carrying the “Trap Queen” rapper’s child.

It is unclear whether Fetty Wap is going to make another appearance on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood but it is unlikely.

It was reported that Fetty agreed to film a scene to support Masika. Fetty is currently on tour and will be releasing his next album late this year or early next year.

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