Kate Middleton News: Is Kate Pregnant? Duchess Kate Wore ‘Loose’ Jacket As Queen Elizabeth Drives Duchess To Balmoral Picnic

Queen Elizabeth and daughter-in-law Kate Middleton are reaching out to each other in some special ways. The royals seem to be mending whatever disagreements they’ve had amid the ongoing and growing surge of Kate Middleton news about a possible pregnancy.

This time, the rumors that Middleton is pregnant might actually be true, if the royal family’s attention to Kate’s comfort is anything to go by.

Granny, the Queen, appears to be putting some real effort into supporting the Duchess Kate right now. People reports that the monarch even “got behind the wheel of a dark green Range Rover” to drive Prince William’s wife to her destination, and “the Royal protection officers had to settle for a back seat.”

The two were on the Balmoral estate, where there is a long tradition of the Queen putting “protocol on hold” to be her own chauffeur, but this time, she offered Kate a ride to join Prince William at a grouse shoot.

Michael and Carole Middleton’s daughter is known for her independence and love of outdoor activity, so it’s interesting that she wasn’t already out on the shoot with her husband. Prince William drove himself “up the Capel Mounth” earlier in the day, ahead of the Queen and Kate, who joined him for a picnic lunch near Loch Muick on Saturday.

If Kate is pregnant, she wouldn’t want to be out taking part in a grouse shoot in the cold and damp of the Scottish Highlands.

The future queen was well dressed for the usual summer weather in the area. Kate wore typical upper-class country clothes, and “looked like the epitome of English country chic in a green jacket, brown scarf, and her long brunette locks pulled back in a tortoise shell-patterned headband.” The jacket wasn’t as close fitting as many of the clothes Kate wore in previous weeks, and could have covered up a pregnant Kate’s baby bump.

Granny “wore a casual look which featured a green vest over a navy blue blouse.”

There was plenty of protection for the royal family once they arrived at their picnic place near the “grouse butts behind imposing Creag Bhiorach.” Ahead of the Queen and Kate, “Special Branch vehicles” carrying “dozens of soldiers” made sure the area was secure for Her Majesty and the Duchess of Cambridge.

The soldiers served a double purpose as, after the picnic lunch, they took on the task of driving “the grouse towards the waiting guns.” Kate and the Queen stayed for part of the sport before heading back home to the Balmoral house for tea.

The Mirror heard from some walkers who were out enjoying the last of the summer weather on one of the many public walking paths around Balmoral.

The locals were walking along the same road that the Queen was driving on with Kate, and were “delighted and amazed” to see the Monarch and Duchess Kate so close up. The walkers were excited to get a glimpse of what Kate wore, and as usual, her fashion sense was “spot on” with the country look of green jacket and brown scarf.

“They looked really happy. They were coming up to see the others for a picnic when the shoot had its break.”

That look of happiness that the Queen’s loyal subjects noticed could be because she and the Duchess know something the rest of us can only guess about, like the news of a royal pregnancy.

If Duchess Kate is pregnant with a third child, she and granny would both have big smiles on their faces.

International Business Times writes that a royal insider said the young royals definitely want a third child, and if Kate isn’t pregnant now, she will be by Christmas. The source said Kate and William weren’t ready for another royal baby earlier, but a pregnancy now “sounds perfect. They’ve both always wanted a big family.”

There are concerns about the spread of the Zika virus and the travel schedule that Kate commits to when she is pregnant. They want to be very “cautious” and make sure that Duchess Kate doesn’t put the baby at risk since the Zika virus “causes birth defects in unborn babies.”

At the end of the month, the Duke and Duchess are taking the children on an official visit to Canada, and if the Duchess is already pregnant, that will likely be the last out-of-country travel she does for some time.

Prince William, Duchess Kate, and their children Prince George, age three, and one-year-old Princess Charlotte stayed at Prince Charles’ Brikhall for their annual Balmoral holiday with the Queen.

[Photo by Chris Jackson – WPA Pool/Getty Images]

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