Making Beyonce’s Lemonade Album: She Asked To Join This Guy’s Band

Beyonce is among the most celebrated female hip hop artists of this century. Currently aged 35, she has accomplished a lot, including managing to stay relevant for more than a decade. Currently married to Jay Z, the two have so far managed to keep their union strong since their marriage in 2008.

That said, there arose speculation earlier this year that the couple was going through some trying times after Beyonce released her Lemonade album. It featured some pretty angry lyrics, which were assumed to be directed at Jay Z, and seemed to suggest that he had cheated on her. The following were some of the lyrics that led many to allude to this assumption.

“(From “Hold Up”) Can’t you see there’s no other man above you / What a wicked way to treat the girl that loves you. Something don’t feel right because it ain’t right, especially coming up after midnight / I smell your secrets and I’m not too perfect to ever feel this worthless / How did it come down to this, going through your call list?

I don’t wanna lose my pride but I’ma f**k me up a b***h/ What’s worse, looking jealous or crazy? Jealous or crazy? / More like walked all over lately, walked all over lately, I’d rather be crazy. It’s such a shame, you let this good love go to waste.”

The controversy surrounding the album is said to have contributed to its popularity. And as a result, Beyonce was able to break Taylor Swift’s record of 11 tracks on the Billboard top 100 by having 12 tracks on it. The following is a more detailed report on this by the Washington Post.

“Lemonade” debuted at no. 1 on the Billboard 200, her sixth no. 1 album (of six). It earned 6,530,000 equivalent album units — used to measure streaming albums — 485,000 of which were pure album sales, according to Billboard. She also has become the first female artist to have 12 tracks on the Billboard Hot 100, surpassing Taylor Swift’s previously held record of 11.”

That said, one man got a request from Queen Bey when making the Lemonade album that many in the music industry would die for, and he is Jack White. Speaking to NPR, he talked about how he got involved in Beyonce’s Lemonade album. He stated that he and Beyonce were just chatting when the Lemonade singer told him that she would love to join his band. He and Beyonce worked together on the song “Don’t Hurt Yourself” in the album. The following was his exact statement in regard to this.

“You know, I just talked to her and she said, ‘I wanna be in a band with you.’ I said, ‘Really? Well, I’d love to do something.’ I’ve always loved her voice. I mean, I think she has the kind of soul singing voice of the days of Betty Davis or Aretha Franklin. She took just sort of a sketch of a lyrical outline and turned into the most bodacious, vicious, incredible song. I don’t even know what you’d classify it as—soul, rock and roll, whatever. ‘Don’t Hurt Yourself’ is incredibly intense; I’m so amazed at what she did with it.”

This is as reported by Pitchfork. That said, Beyonce was recently included in Fortune Magazine’s Most Powerful Women list as a bonus to the 50 women selected, partly due to the Lemonade album. The selection had CEOs like Mary Barra of General Motors and Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s COO.

Beyonce is said to have been featured on the list because of her musical success this year, having become the first female artist to have 12 songs on the Billboard top 100. This is not to mention her 2016 business ventures, which include the launch of Ivy Park, an athleisure line and her investment in WTRMLN WTR, a start-up.

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