‘Bachelor In Paradise’ 2016: Newly Engaged Josh Murray And Amanda Stanton Have Run Into Serious Trouble

At the end of Bachelor In Paradise, there were multiple engagements in the amount of three and they all left happy. Now, if they stay happy is up to them and see if they can make it to actually walking down the aisle. Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton are one of those couples and things have seemed to go well for them since the show ended, but they’re about to run into some serious trouble that could cause monster problems.

Ever since they met up in Mexico for Bachelor In Paradise, Josh and Amanda have had this connection that just seemed meant to be. Unfortunately for them, Amanda’s ex-husband is coming into the picture and causing issues over the former couple’s two children.

TMZ is reporting that Amanda’s ex-husband Nick Buonfiglio has filed documents to try and get more time with their two daughters. He claims that during her time working on numerous TV shows, she has started leaving them in daycare a lot more often.

On top of that, Buonfiglio believes that the media attention is not what their two-year-old and four-year-old need in their lives.

The papers filed by Buonfiglio state that Bachelor In Paradise helped Amanda’s income head through the roof. He reported that she was once making $100 a year and is now making close to $20,000 a month, so he’s looking to get more child support from her.

Yes, he stated that Amanda was making $100 a year.

It may be needless to say, but the newly engaged reality TV couple isn’t letting yet another Nick (Nick Viall, anyone?) fade their smiles. According to Us Weekly, their happiness is proof that Josh was on BIP for all the right reasons, and Amanda knows that she trusts him with all her heart.

Josh has relocated from his home in Atlanta and moved in with Amanda in California. She was ready for him to move in with her and her two girls because she doesn’t care about his past or what may have happened. She’s only concerned with now and their future together.

“I definitely want to get married again. I do want more kids eventually. I have my hands full right now, but somewhere along the road — yes!”

She’s obviously hoping that her plans involve him.

The happiness in the relationship is far from one-sided as well. Josh is extremely happy with their engagement and has put Andi Dorfman, his ex-fiancee, in his rearview mirror. No matter what she says in her book, Josh is ignoring it all and happy with Amanda.

“Things are going amazing. I 100 percent believe that Amanda is somebody I could spend the rest of my life with.”

Radar Online reports that Nick Buonfiglio is intent on giving the best life to his two daughters and doesn’t really care what Amanda and Josh do otherwise. He states that the media attention is simply “causing harm” to them, and he wants it to stop.

On the last season of The Bachelor, Amanda introduced their two daughters to Ben Higgins before he sent her home.

Amanda is determined to settle out of court and hoping to do just that, but Buonfiglio says that she refuses to let him see their daughters more often. He said that she is forcing him to take her to court over this and that’s just what he is going to do.

Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton really do seem extremely happy together and they have made it publicly known that they are meant to be. The problem is that Nick Buonfiglio is not just going to let his two daughters live with anyone and everyone that Amanda meets. Bachelor In Paradise may have brought the new couple together, but things aren’t absolutely perfect for them as of right now.

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