One Direction Fans React To Liam Payne And Cheryl Baby News: Louis Tomlinson Answering Liam’s Baby Questions

Celebs Now is reporting that Liam Payne and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini have been showering Louis Tomlinson with baby questions as they prepare for what may be the biggest One Direction event since the hiatus, Louis Tomlinson’s fatherhood and Zayn’s departure.

One Direction fans went crazy and began tweeting their congratulations, and in some cases heartbreak, as a story that Cheryl and Liam are expecting a child gathered steam. One fan tweeted that “Liam is going to be a daddy.”

“Liam is going to be a daddy. Yay so happy for him!”

Apparently Louis Tomlinson himself became curious when Liam would not stop asking him questions about Freddie recently. Louis asked Liam pointedly if Cheryl is pregnant. Louis Tomlinson did not get a straight answer from Liam, according to the report.

“Liam’s been overly keen in asking Louis lots of baby-related questions lately.”

Fans observed that Cheryl appeared to have put on weight in a recent campaign she did for L’Oreal. Cheryl and Liam-watchers wondered just how far along Cheryl might be.

“Even Louis thought it was strange and asked Liam if Cheryl was pregnant. Liam ducked the question, but it left Louis a little surprised that he was being quizzed so much about it.”

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Louis and Liam’s boss has made comments recently, saying what a great mum Cheryl will be. Simon Cowell described how good Cheryl is with his son Eric.

“Cheryl would be an amazing mum. I’ve seen her with my son Eric and other kids over the years and she’s incredible. I think she’s in a good place in her life right now. I had dinner with her and Liam a few months ago and they were great.”

The Celebs Now report claims that Cheryl has put her all into her relationship with Liam Payne after a string of love disappointments. Cheryl has been married twice, and is still in the throes of a messy divorce from Jean-Bernard Versini.

The Celebs Now report states that Cheryl is looking to Liam as her savior, hoping that he will fulfill her dreams after a series of unhappy relationships.

For a while fans and friends worried that Liam might be trying to fulfill Cheryl’s expectations a little too dutifully. Reports claimed that Payne put his career on the backburner and spent all his time helping Cheryl with her divorce and cooking for her. There were worries that Liam had stopped songwriting with his favorite songwriting partner Louis Tomlinson, and fans noted that it had been a while since Louis and Liam were even seen hanging out together, although they did attend the Brits to pick up a gong on behalf of all the One Direction boys.

This week, new reports surfaced saying that Louis and Liam are talking again. However, it sounds like Liam is mostly using their time together to ask Louis baby questions!

Thankfully, Liam appears to be slowly getting back on track with his career. Payne signed a solo deal, wrote some tracks, and even reportedly had a conversation with Zayn Malik that inspired him to think about music again, according to Hollywood Life.

“Liam [Payne] had offers on the table to work outside of One Direction, but he was scared of the kind of pressure that it would bring. But thanks to [girlfriend] Cheryl [Fernandez–Versini], and in some degree Zayn [Malik], who he also spoke with for advice, he’s embarking on this next chapter in his life.”

Liam Payne And Louis Tomlinson [Photo by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP]

The Sun reports that, after Zayn Malik, Liam was the one who struggled the most with his One Direction fame.

“Liam probably enjoyed the limelight the least after Zayn Malik in One Direction.”

Cheryl reportedly pushed for Liam to make some career moves recently, so even if the baby news is legit, Cheryl may encourage Liam to keep writing music and balance his fatherhood duties with his creative interests.

Cheryl and Zayn are not the only ones emphasizing how important it is to grab career opportunities. 50 Cent apparently spoke out recently, gently chiding the One Direction guys for going on hiatus when they could be making so much money, reports Daily Star.

“Now is the time where they can add another 30, 40, 50 million dollars to their net worth. And it would be a mistake not to take advantage of that.”

Fiddy reasoned that the boys could be adding a huge amount to their net worth, and they are crazy to be taking a break. 50 Cent called One Direction a “phenomenon” and said that they should make the most of their fame while it lasts.

“[T]he One Direction guys took a break at the wrong time. My advice to them would be to reform as quickly as they can.”

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