Kate Upton Calls Out Talent Agents And ‘Cruel’ Classmates In New Interview

Kate Upton is calling out all of the people who were mean to her. The model is gracing the October 2016 issue of Glamour magazine. Inside the magazine, things get really revealing as Kate Upton revealed that she was often told to lose weight most of her life.

After being told she doesn’t fit in, Kate Upton learned to accept herself the way she is. She said that she was often told by modeling agents to lose weight, cites People.

“At first I tried to diet to become their image, but eventually I realized that it wasn’t realistic! This is just the shape of my body. So I had to block them out. I think that the people who are the loudest about wanting to change you are the people with the least amount of vision and creativity.”

The 24-year-old also talked about what it was like growing up among her peers. Upton recalled the time that her appearance would get teased, cites the Daily Mail.

“Kids can be cruel, and they used to make fun of me for having long legs and bushy eyebrows. My mom would flip through magazines and say, ‘Look, all these models have that too.’ I decided I wanted to be a model.”

Upton then added that she didn’t wear Louis Vuitton and Gucci in high school because “in Florida you just wear bikinis and flip-flops.” Upton was then asked if she had to fight body-shaming critics, to which she responded, “All. The. Time.” She revealed that she looks up to her fellow Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue cover star Ashley Graham, who’s been taking the fashion world by storm.

“Things have definitely changed in the industry, mostly for the positive. We’re more accepting now. For me, someone like Ashley Graham, who loves her body and is always talking about it, is inspiring.”

The blonde beauty said that she built up her confidence when people started throwing work at her. Upton’s first modeling gig was for a local Miami magazine where she modeled inside a Crunch gym.

“Where I grew up, it was considered a great thing to have a curvy body to fill out a bathing suit. For that to be a negative was so confusing to me. And besides, when I started working, I was booked constantly, mostly for catalog work. So when people were saying, ‘Oh, she doesn’t have the right look for a model,’ I thought, ‘Then why am I working every single day?'”

Upton keeps her model body in tip-top shop by working with a personal trainer. She often posts videos to her Instagram page of her weight training sessions. Upton says that she does a combination of weight training and cardio in a circuit.

“A couple of years ago, there was a switch for me. I used to work out to have my hips to be a certain size. Now I do it for myself, because I want to be strong. I want to have energy. In my mind I feel like I can beat someone up – I really want to be able to do it!” Upton exclaimed.

She added that she now has a “nice butt” thanks to all the squats she does. As for her diet, Upton doesn’t get too crazy. She tries to eat a lot more protein and vegetables, and does her best to avoid sugar. Upton also learned how to play tennis, but her fiancé Justin Verlander get beating her in matches, so she gave up. She said that she would much rather be in fashion rather than sports.

“I love what I do – I love fashion. Whatever you wear, it really sets the tone for the day. If I’m in sweatpants, I fully become that person – I’m lazy and kind of a mess. The opposite is also true; fashion can give you confidence.”

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