Bethenny Frankel Says Jules Wainstein Has No Money, Implies She’s Still Hiding Truth About Marriage

Was Jules Wainstein just pretending to be wealthy and in a real marriage? On Wednesday night, after the airing of part 2 of The Real Housewives of New York City Season 8 reunion show, Bethenny Frankel said on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live (WWHL) that she found it odd that Jules talked so much about money during the season since she actually doesn’t have any. As she did on the reunion show, Bethenny also once again accused Jules of not telling the truth about her marriage by stating that viewers aren’t seeing everything about that union.

On WWHL, Andy read a tweet that Jules posted as the reunion show aired. In the tweet, Jules accused Bethenny of being the one to stereotype Jewish people.

Andy commented that a lot of viewers tweeted about the Jewish argument between Bethenny and Jules on the reunion show. Bethenny defended herself by repeating all of the things that Jules, who is half Jewish, has said and done over the season regarding money that she thinks shows Jewish people in a bad light. Bethenny, who reminded viewers that Jules bragged about living in a 20,000-square-foot house, but that Bethenny lives in a tiny house, then said that Jules doesn’t even have any money.

“She talked a lot about money and she doesn’t have any. And I just think it was really in poor taste. And I stand by what I’ve said the entire whole season. And I get beat up…”

Jules may have money issues now. Jules and her husband, Michael Wainstein, are currently going through a contentious divorce. On Thursday, NY Daily News reported that the judge ordered Michael to pay $10,000 a month in child and spousal support. Michael’s lawyer had argued that Michael’s business has “suffered tremendously from the publicity” surrounding the divorce, and he’s struggling financially as a result. The lawyer claimed that Michael owes a lot on his credit cards, with some even in default, and that an apartment that the couple rented out for income is currently vacant. Jules’ lawyer disputed Michael’s money problems. The judge said that he would re-visit the child and spousal support order upon seeing Michael’s financial documents.

Later, during the after-show portion of WWHL, Bethenny was asked who’s “the shadiest househusband” among the men: Michael, Dorinda Medley’s boyfriend John Mahdessian, or LuAnn de Lesseps’ fiancee, Tom D’Agostino. Bethenny gave her opinion that Tom may not be “shady” at all since LuAnn is the one controlling things and running the show, which means that John is the “shadiest” one. Why not Michael, whom Jules accused of cheating on her when she announced in June that they were divorcing? Bethenny said that viewers aren’t hearing the entire story regarding that relationship, clearly implying that Jules is hiding something.

“You’re not hearing the entire story regarding Jules and Michael so that’s one thing I’ll say. She’s got her own stuff going on.”

As the show moved on to another viewer question, Bethenny seemingly praised herself for spilling some gossip.

“Oh no she didn’t! Oh yeah she did!”

Jules was introduced on the latest season as a devoted stay-at-home mom to two young children and wife to investment banker Michael. As the season progressed, Jules and Michael were shown increasingly squabbling with one another, with Jules expressing disappointment with Michael. Yet there was no talk of divorce or even separating.

Shockingly, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, Bethenny, during a prior WWHL appearance, claimed that she knew that Jules and Michael were divorcing even before they began filming Season 8 together because a “mutual friend” of theirs told her about it. When Jules made her own appearance on WWHL later on and was asked about Bethenny’s claim, Jules denied it and said that they don’t even have any mutual friends. Bethenny immediately posted a tweet that implied that Jules is keeping quiet because she’s guilty of something.

During part 2 of The Real Housewives of New York City Season 8 reunion show, Bethenny Frankel implied that Jules Wainstein signed on to do the show, pretending to be happily married to Michael, in order to earn money so that she could go ahead with her plan all along to divorce Michael. Bethenny said that “mutual friends” of theirs told her that Jules, who now promotes her tonic/detox drink line Modern Alkeme to the show’s viewers, signed a prenup prior to marrying Michael and was “going on the show to get divorced.”

Jules denied that she signed a prenup. Dorinda, who is good friends with Jules and introduced her to the group, quickly chimed in to defend Jules.

“You’re hurting her! She doesn’t want to talk about it, Bethenny. Respect that.”

Unfortunately for those wanting to hear more about what these “mutual friends” said, Bethenny did as she was told and dropped the subject.

On Twitter, Jules denied that she went on the show in order to have the means to divorce Michael.

“You go to court to get divorced not Bravo??? #RHONY #wheredoesshecomeupwiththiss**t.”

Earlier on the reunion show, a reel of highlights showing Jules’ moments with Michael were played. Jules, getting teary-eyed, didn’t offer many details regarding the demise of her marriage. When the other women pressed for details, Jules mumbled that she “can’t really talk about it.” She did say, however, that her marriage changed while she was on the show, which contradicts Bethenny’s claim that Jules’ marriage was already over prior to filming.

“This year on the show is not what our marriage was for the last 10 years.”

While Bethenny dropped the subject of Jules’ marriage, she did go on to criticize Jules for making Jewish people look bad.

“I don’t think that you represented a positive side of being Jewish at all,” Bethenny said, citing instances where Jules made a big deal about money, such as when she bragged about spending $2,000 for a woman to potty train her child and asking a prospective nanny if she would wait in line for a sample sale.

Dorinda again spoke up to defend Jules. Dorinda explained that she felt a responsibility for sticking up for Jules since she brought her into the fold.

Despite what happened throughout the Real Housewives of New York City season and on the reunion show, as well as Jules’ tweets during the reunion show, Bethenny apparently doesn’t think that she and Jules have major issues with one another. When asked during WWHL about her post-filming relationships with the other women, Bethenny said that she’s close friends with Carole Radziwill, speaks to Ramona Singer, and exchanges texts with Sonja Morgan once in a while. Bethenny added that she doesn’t have any contact, nor does she plan on having any, with LuAnn de Lesseps and Dorinda Medley. When Andy brought up Jules, Bethenny said that she doesn’t have a relationship with her either but that they’re fine.

“Oh yeah I don’t really have a relationship with her but there’s no problem or anything.”

Viewers may not get to see whether Bethenny Frankel’s relationship with Jules Wainstein improves next season. It has been widely reported that Jules won’t be returning for the ninth season.

On Twitter, Jules seemingly confirmed the news.

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