Ben Affleck Church PR Stunt: ‘Using Religion To Regain Positive Reputation’ After Alleged Cheating Affair

Is Ben Affleck’s desire to head out to church every Sunday with his children a publicity stunt to regain his positive Hollywood image following his alleged cheating affair with the family’s nanny?

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, the actor could potentially try to divert the attention surrounding his troubled marriage with Jennifer Garner to present himself in a different light, one that could potentially help his chances of being well-received in the media again.

The Batman v Superman star has not been able to catch a break from the tabloids ever since it was alleged that the father of three had an ongoing affair with the nanny Jennifer Garner had hired, Christine Ouzounian.

Christine is famously known to have worked for several famous families, including Tom Brady, who famously invited her to fly across the country in his private jet two years ago. After the revelation was made regarding Affleck’s affair, Garner wasted no time in firing Ouzounian and filing for divorce from Ben, who eventually moved out of the $17 million Pasadena home he shared with his wife.

He has since moved back into the enormous mansion, but according to reports, Jennifer Garner isn’t budging from what she told reports last month: She and Ben are nothing more than good friends.

And while their relationship has somewhat confused fans, considering that the man who is supposed to be divorcing his wife is still living under the same roof as her, sources for Celeb Dirty Laundry reveal the following.

“Ben Affleck wants to show the world that he’s not the irresponsible, immature man that almost shattered his family when he allegedly cheated on Jennifer Garner with his children’s nanny last year. And what better way to prove to the public that he’s a changed man than to attend Sunday mass with his children, especially with the paparazzi documenting his every step.”

Having photographers wait outside of the church and anticipate the moment Ben Affleck and his children walk out of the building is something the actor supposedly knows will stick well with the tabloids and his fans and will ultimately be the best publicity stunt to save his own Hollywood image, the source suggests.

Jennifer Garner, who the outlet claims are very conscious about her portrayal in the media, would have most likely agreed with Ben and his PR stunt at the church. Of course, that should not rule out the probable fact that Affleck and his children do happen to go to church when photographers are there or not. It just so happens that his need for a prayer has been more often than usual.

News of Ben Affleck supposedly trying to save his Hollywood image following the cheating allegations comes just months after the actor was allegedly under the impression that Jennifer Garner would not reconcile with him because she may have found someone new, according to Calvin Blanco.

The outlet quotes In Touch stressing how “he’s been demanding and jealous, constantly asking her who she’s spending time with. He hates that he has no control over her anymore.”

Jennifer Garner has remained extremely private about her personal issues with Ben Affleck, aside from her interview with Vanity Fair four months ago, where she admits that loving the actor was difficult at times.

Will the twosome ever reconcile? Sources say that it shouldn’t be ruled out just yet, especially since Jennifer Garner still hasn’t made any further steps to proceed with the divorce.

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