‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’: Masika Kalysha Claims Fetty Wap Is Not A Good Dad

Masika Kalysha isn’t pulling any punches about Fetty Wap’s fathering skills anymore. The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star has blasted her baby daddy recently when asked about whether Fetty had stepped up to be a good dad and her response is no.

On the last episode of LHHH, it looked like Fetty was finally ready to step up and be a dad. He even told Masika that he wanted his daughter to know him as daddy and he wanted to know her too. The New Jersey rapper raced to the airport and then to the hospital when Masika went into labor and showed up just in time. It looked like all would be well and the former couple might even be able to get over their previous social media war by coming together as parents.

That is not the case anymore according to Masika Kalysha. She claims that Fetty Wap’s desire to be a good dad hasn’t gone far and that he hasn’t bothered to be involved with their daughter Khari Barbie since her birth.

As the Love & Hop Hop Hollywood episode aired on Monday night, Masika took to Twitter to blast her baby daddy. “Ya’ll tune into #LHHH tonight to see my BD lying to my face again, pretending that he wants to be a good daddy,” wrote Kalysha. “In tonight’s episode we were in a great place. We had just come from my doctors appt. and were working on our relationship for our daughter.”

“Dealing with this situation has been the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to deal with, because it’s not about my feelings, it’s about our baby,” Masika tweeted. “Talking about this on TV isn’t easy, but with all the lies in the blogs I didn’t have a choice”

Masika wasn’t done blasting Fetty Wap after the LHHH episode finished playing. The reality star was a guest on Power 106’s The Cruz Show where she continued to discuss her disappointment that Fetty hasn’t stepped up in the way he said that he would.


When asked if Fetty Wap had changed any diapers, Masika said on The Cruz Show that he had never done that. “The only thing he changed was his personality,” Kalysha quipped.

Although Fetty Wap said he wanted to be a part of his daughter Khari’s life, Masika claims that Fetty hasn’t done anything. The day he showed up for the birth of their baby was the last time he saw her in person according to Masika while chatting with the Power 106 morning show crew. This isn’t the first time that the former

This isn’t the first time that Masika Kalysha has blasted Fetty Wap on social media or in a radio interview. While she was pregnant, the former couple had it out in a pretty public way when Fetty denied the baby was even his. Masika claims that he knew the whole time that Khari was his daughter, but that he denied it to save face. She says that Fetty knew they were in a relationship and that she wasn’t dealing with anyone else.

So far, Fetty Wap hasn’t commented on the accusations Masika Kalysha waged against him about not being around for their daughter Khari. The “Trap Queen” rapper hasn’t commented on social media at all about his appearance on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood or his relationship with Masika since the VH1 reality show aired and hasn’t shared pictures of his daughter Khari since Masika blasted him previously for sharing but not visiting.

Do you think it’s time for Fetty Wap to step up and start spending some time with his daughter Khari? Tell us what you think of Masika Kalysha’s tweets claiming that her baby daddy is not there for them during the recent Love & Hip Hop Hollywood episode in the comments section below.

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