Taylor Swift’s Revenge Body: Why Body By Simone Provides The Right Kind Of Post-Breakup Workout

Taylor Swift’s secret for getting over heartbreak is working out regularly. The singer-songwriter hasn’t been upset over her split with Tom Hiddleston. In fact, she’s been seen looking happier and fitter than ever thanks in part to her regular workouts at Body By Simone.

Taylor Swift, 26, and Tom Hiddleston, 35, ended their three-month relationship earlier on this week. However, you wouldn’t know it, because the “Shake It Off” singer looked deliriously happy when she was spotted practically skipping out of Body By Simone studio in New York City on Wednesday, September 7. Swift was photographed with a big smirk plastered onto her face as she was photographed wearing a black tank top, printed leggings, bright Orange Nike sneakers, and a red hoodie tied around her waist, reports E! Online. Maybe she was still experiencing that post-workout high.

The pop star kept her spirits high as she stepped back onto the busy streets of New York City. Swift has been spending a lot of her time at the gym lately throughout the summer. It’s quickly become one of Swift’s favorite activities during her extended hiatus from making music. After the news of her breakup with Calvin Harris broke on June 1, Swift was seen hitting up the gym just days later, notes the outlet.

As previously mentioned, Taylor Swift’s revenge body has come from her intense workout sessions at Body By Simone. Former ballet dancer Simone de la Rue is the woman behind the gym and Swift’s long and lean body. She started the fitness studio in 2011 and has since grown an impressive clientele that includes Victoria’s Secret Angels, A-list actresses, Dancing with the Stars professional dancers, and, of course, Swift herself.

Simone calls her fitness mantra “strong and not skinny,” according to a feature via India Today. The reason why her business works is because she follows a strict “no advertising” rule. She just let Swift and her A-list clients’ incredible results speak for themselves. Simone currently trains British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley five days a week and has her practice intense dance sessions on a regular basis.

She now personally trains all of the stars and suggests that her A-list clients stay real and true to their natural form.

“Everyone has his or her own ideal body weight, so we’re not all going to look like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, even though we’d love to! Being fit is 80% diet, 20% exercise, so even if you worked out for an hour, if you went out and ate a box of pizza and drank a bottle of wine after, you’re just going to cancel out all the good work you’ve done. What you put in your body is so important!”

Simone’s secret is a combination of dance, aerobics, yoga, and trampoline workouts, according to the Daily Mail. Unfortunately, little is known about Simone or her workouts since she keeps a relatively low profile on the internet. Still, Body By Simone has since become a $2 million empire in less than five years and includes two studios in L.A. and one in New York, both of which Swift has been seen at lately. Simone has plans to open her first-ever London studio next year.

The classes aren’t cheap at $20 per pop since they don’t include a membership fee. Simone insists that her classes are more fun than just doing a boring workout routine at the gym.

“Exercise has to be fun. You just need to keep coming back and your body will soon start to thank you. No one is perfect in the beginning. Of course the celebrity following I’ve built has played a big part in my success and I’m sure some people are attracted by the ‘Hollywood’ side of it. I want my clients, celebrity and non-celebrity, to feel safe here. I don’t advertise.”

Now, Simone’s empire has expanded into a book, a DVD, online streaming videos, a sneaker line, and an upcoming E! series, so it looks like she’ll be using those as forms of advertising. When Swift posted a photo of herself with BFF Karlie Kloss at the Los Angeles studio, Simone noticed that her Instagram followers jumped up to 10,000, reported Forbes.

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