Desiigner Arrested On Oxycontin And Felony Charges After ‘Panda’ Singer Pulls A Gun In Road Rage

Desiigner has been arrested, and he’s got himself into a quite a mess with his road rage incident. The rapper really let loose at another driver just outside the Lincoln Tunnel after he appeared to get mad at the usual bumper-to-bumper, heavy traffic.

Desiigner, whose real name is Sidney Royel Selby III, decided the driver following him and his crew was the problem. It didn’t take long for a gun to come out, according to the motorist who was right behind the “Panda” singer when the screaming started. The oxycontin was in the car and although no one knows for sure that Desiigner had already taken oxycontin that night, it’s worrying.

Desiigner’s oxycontin was in the car with him and his road rage got him so riled up that he and the people in the SUV all got into it and started screaming near the intersection of W. 42nd St. and Eighth Ave, while the guy in the second car screamed back. The two of them got louder and angrier along with the rapper’s five friends, who were traveling with him from New Jersey into Manhattan.

The New York Daily News reported that the crew was just starting out on a night of partying when Desiigner noticed the guy behind his white Range Rover SUV at about 9:10 p.m., but local news station ABC7 and E! News said that the “dispute appears to have started in the Lincoln Tunnel around 1 a.m.”

Wherever the hip hop artist’s road rage began, it led to some nasty results. TMZ broke the news that Desiigner was arrested later in the evening after the target of his anger called the cops. He didn’t make the call to police right away, but after Desiigner lost it and followed up the screaming with some threatening action, the guy was fed up. He told cops that Desiigner “allegedly flicked a lit cigarette at the other motorist, then waved a gun at him and took off.”

If Desiigner flashed a firearm at someone as the victim claims happened, that seems like a good time to call for police to intervene. The motorist quickly took down Desiigner’s license plate number and called the police. The whole crew was stopped a short time later across town at W. 42nd St. and Third Ave. “Sad day for Pandas everywhere,” tweeted on supporter.

It looks like the rapper, who has collaborated with Kanye West, has really got himself in a pile of trouble. The road rage might not have been enough on its own to get Desiigner arrested, but what cops found in his SUV could make him join Kodak Black in the ranks of jailed rappers. He found himself getting handcuffed along with four other people when cops caught up to the Range Rover and got them all out of the vehicle. As soon as the police stopped Desiigner, they reportedly could see drugs in the console.

There’s no report yet on whether the “Panda” singer and his friends were already high, but the drugs found included loose prescription drugs, marijuana, and oxycontin. It gets even worse, as the police decided that Desiigner wasn’t just using the drugs — he was planning to sell them.

“Desiigner was charged with criminal possession of a weapon in the second degree with a loaded firearm, possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell in plain view, criminal possession of a controlled substance in the fifth degree and menacing in the second degree.”

One fan told Desiigner to get off the oxycontin.

His crew didn’t get away with their behavior either. The other people in the SUV “were also charged with menacing with a firearm and possession of illegal substances.” Desiigner’s oxycontin arrest will force him to appear in court today, and although he hasn’t posted bail yet, he’ll have to come up with a bunch of cash for that if he doesn’t want to sit in jail.

However, Desiigner isn’t the only rapper to be arrested today. Fox News reports that Imam Shumpert was arrested in Atlanta, not because of oxycontin, but because of marijuana DUI, and it happened at almost the same time as Desiigner’s arrest. The International Business Times wrote that the rapper is often compared to Future. We have to hope that Desiigners’ future isn’t set to have more oxycontin in it.

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