Did The Sandy And Danny Romance Of ‘Grease’ Actually Happen Or Was It All A Dream?

Whether you were a child of the 1970s, 1980s, or 1990s, Grease was a movie just about everyone loved. The movie featured the romantic love story of Danny and Sandy.

Sandy was the buttoned-up “good girl” and Danny was the “cool guy” that every girl in high school dreamed of dating. However, Daily News reports a fan spun theory speculates that the love story of Sandy and Danny never actually happened the way Grease fans interpreted it. In fact, this fan-created theory speculates that Sandy died at the very beginning of the movie and the entire Sandy and Danny romance was a dream she had as her brain became deprived of oxygen.

Now, chances are pretty good you – like many Grease fans – think this theory sounds completely crazy. However, comments on a Reddit thread reading the theory do help justify and support this crazy theory.

So, how does this theory play out exactly?

The original fan based Grease theory suggests Sandy, played by Olivia Newton-John, ended up drowning in the ocean because Danny, played by John Travolta, never saved her. As she drowned and her brain became deprived of oxygen, the belief is that she imagined the whole perfect high school scenario that included her romance with Danny.

Now, you are probably thinking one thing – Tell me more, Tell me more!

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The biggest reason why some Grease fans are starting to believe there may be some truth to this crazy theory stems from the fact that the movie played out “too perfectly” as some of the commenters on the original Reddit post discussing the theory claimed.

If you’ve seen the movie Grease, you know Danny and Sandy are able to get back together despite everything that happens to them, Rizzo has a pregnancy scare and suddenly isn’t pregnant anymore, Kenickie realizes he actually loves Rizzo, and that geeky kid in the background manages to get on the sports team. Reddit users go on to claim the movie plays out and wraps up just how the sweet and innocent persona of Sandy would have wanted it to.

Is Grease really just a movie with a happy and satisfied ending? Or, is there some possibility the movie actually is a dream version of how Sandy pictured things would play out in high school?

Daily News notes it was roughly three years ago when the theory that Sandy died at the beginning of the movie and the romance of her and Danny never happened in Grease originally formed. The recent creation of a fan adaption of the film, however, has caused this crazy Grease theory to resurface.

Good Housekeeping reports, the theory that Sandy actually died at the beginning of the movie isn’t even the only crazy theory that the main characters of the show were never alive, to begin with. In fact, one alternative fan Grease theory believes both Sandy and Danny were dead and the dream of their romance and the perfect ending to the film was actually dreamed up by Danny, not Sandy.

With this theory, Grease fans believe Danny did make an attempt to save her from drowning. Unfortunately, he lost his life in the process.

In defending this crazy Grease theory, fans go on to include the fact that even her name, Sandy, could have been given to her because she died on a sandy beach.

The last, and biggest, reason why some Grease fans are questioning whether the romance of Danny and Sandy actually happened is because of the final scene. That random supernatural moment where the car flies away. Grease fans argued the car was taking Sandy and/or Danny, depending on which theory you believe, to heaven at the end of the movie. Supporters of the Grease theory argue there is no other logical explanation for throwing a random scene in at the end of the movie with the vehicle flying away when there were no supernatural moments anywhere else in the film.

What do you think about this Grease theory? Did Sandy and/or Danny die at the beginning of the movie? Was it all a dream?

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