Microsoft’s ‘screw Google’ meetings – yup it’s the weekend

Oh man talk about a stupid load of crap to hit on a Friday afternoon. If you don’t know what I am referring to let me give you a little bit of background. One of the leading stories on Techmeme and being echoed on a growing number of tech blogs is the story about how Microsoft is having weekly meetings in Washington DC that are being described as “screw Google” meetings.

According to the post at Daily Finance this is all a part of an on-going campaign between Microsoft and other (unnamed) companies along with hired third parties to discredit Google.

“Microsoft is at the center of a group of companies who see Google as a threat to them in some combination of business and policy,” said a source familiar with the matter, who requested anonymity to avoid retribution. “The effort is designed make Google look like the big high-tech bad guy here.”

The meetings have occurred as frequently as once a week, sources with knowledge of the meetings say.

Give me break. Does anyone think that this type of thing doesn’t happen in any highly competitive business environment?

I could go on about the outright stupidity of this whole thing but I think John Paczkowski at Digital Daily says it best

Please. This is business is usual. And if Google’s lobbyists aren’t holding a weekly “Screw Microsoft” meeting or some variation on that, then Google should get some new lobbyists.

Yup it’s the weekend.

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