‘RHONY’ Star, Jules Wainstein, Seeks $25,000 For Spousal And Child Support — Micheal Claims He Can’t Afford To Pay Up

Jules and Micheal Wainstein appeared in Manhattan court today and are one step closer to putting the nasty divorce war behind them, Radar Online reports.

Jules is already cashing in on her divorce war with Michael Wainstein. RHONY stars were seen in court today and came to a temporary arrangement for child custody and spousal support. Apparently, Jules asked the court to force Michael to pay her $25,000 a month for child and spousal support.

According to the courtroom documents, Jules asked for $9,000 a month in tax-free child support, and $16,000 a month for spousal support.

Michael revealed that there’s a small problem — he cannot afford to pay her $25,000 a month. In fact, Wainstein explained that he cannot afford to pay her more than what he’s currently paying because his business has suffered major setbacks due to the publicity from their divorce.

“He said his businesses have suffered because of the publicity of the case, and that he has money judgments, and his credit cards are closed and in default. He said he does not have a monthly income because the apartment they rent is vacant. He said he can’t afford it beyond what he’s already paying.”

The judge was faced with a classic case of “he said-she said” and decided that Michael needs to submit proof that he cannot afford to pay the child and spousal support Jules requested. The judge asked for a statement to determine Michael’s “current net worth.”

Reality Tea reports that in the meantime, Michael must pay $10,000 a month to his estranged wife, Jules. It looks like he tried to state that he cannot afford that much, but the judge was insistent that he cannot leave Jules “without any source of income.”

“His attorney insisted he was unable to pay it, but the judge said he’ll review everything and make a further ruling. Based on what was in front of him today that’s his ruling.”

In addition to the $10,000 child and spousal support payment, Michael must continue to pay for the utilities, his children’s nanny, tuition for the children’s school, groceries, and transportation costs. Wainstein stated that he’s been paying for these charges since the split.

Michael argued that he should give the nanny the money for groceries, instead of Jules. Wainstein implied that Jules doesn’t eat, so she wouldn’t know what to buy at the store. His lawyer was adamant that Jules Wainstein isn’t the one who purchases the food for the household, instead, the nanny did. Even so, the judge stood by his ruling and ordered Michael to continue paying for his children’s food bill.

The judge was not happy with how they have handled co-parenting so far. Apparently, there is visible tension between them and it is affecting the children. The judge wants them to put the children’s well-being above their own feelings because the kids need both of them in their lives.

“The judge said he wants them to have a respectful distance for the children primary concern. He said it does not serve them well if there is visible tension. He said if everyone stays where they need to go it’s better for everyone.”

Jules is to stay on the third and fourth floor of their brownstone with the kids, and Michael will have access to the second-floor office. According to court documents, the Weinsteins’ should stay in their “own spaces” and not infringe on the other’s personal space. The judge warned them to “steer clear of each other.” The restraining order filed in August was dropped. The only thing left to settle is a custody agreement.

Jules and Michael Wainstein have worked out a flexible custody schedule and will forward it to the judge tomorrow. Michael has to make his first payment to Jules by September 30. Jules needs all the financial help she can rake in right now; rumor has it that she will not be returning next season on RHONY.

Do you think Michael Wainstein could be lying about his inability to pay child and spousal support?

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