New Orleans Woman, Ender Darling, Calls Herself A Witch, Is Arrested For Trafficking Human Bones Taken From Cemetery

In a story straight out of a horror movie, a New Orleans woman, who goes by the name of Ender Darling, has been arrested for allegedly trafficking in human body parts, as well as burglary. New Orleans police reportedly began investigating the strange and disturbing case of 25-year-old Ender Darling, who also calls herself a “witch,” back in December. That was when a Facebook post, supposedly written by Ender Darling and which has since been deleted, touted the usefulness of “leftover human remains” in the practice of casting spells and other magical endeavors.

As The Advocate reports, Louisiana authorities were disturbed enough by the Facebook post allegedly made by New Orleans woman Ender Darling that they raided her home, which she shared with several roommates, back in January.

“Most graveyards around here are full of above-ground graves because we live in a fishbowl. But there happens to be a graveyard where it’s all in-ground graves. For those of us who are too poor to afford above ground burial.”

At the time of the raid of the New Orleans woman’s home, no arrests were made. This despite the fact that investigators in the case reportedly found 11 bones and four teeth, later confirmed to be human, at the home. Back in April, Ender Darling (her legal name is Devon Marie Machuca) spoke to the media about her ordeal. She claimed that law enforcement had erroneously believed that she was somehow involved in the trafficking of human organs and/or body parts and had grilled her extensively during the raid.

However, according to the New Orleans woman, as a witch, she had used the “leftover” human remains that she had found on the ground at Holt Cemetery in New Orleans for the purpose of casting spells. According to the April reports, the authorities who found the human remains at the home of Ender Darling found the pieces of bone and human teeth in a bowl on her altar.

Since the raid on her home, Ender Darling called the investigation and actions of the Louisiana Attorney General’s Office a waste of time and taxpayer dollars, saying that the state authorities had conducted a literal “witch hunt” when they persecuted her for allegedly trafficking in human body parts. It remained unclear whether or not the New Orleans woman and self-proclaimed witch would ever face charges for taking and possessing the human remains.

That questions would be answered earlier this summer. That was when New Orleans woman Ender Darling was arrested on charges related to trafficking the human remains, as well as charges related to the burglary of the Holt cemetery, where she allegedly found them. As The Advocate reports, local authorities are claiming that she did more than pick up the human bones she found in the cemetery following rainstorms.

According to the Louisiana prosecutor, New Orleans woman Ender Darling was actively involved in selling the human remains, something she also allegedly mentioned in the now-deleted Facebook post.

“This is where I go to find my human bones for curse work and general spells that require bone. I find human bones are easier (to) work with for me rather than animal bone. I can relate and work with the energy they carry if that makes any sense. [If anyone is interested in buying leftover remains or] basically cover shipping (costs) to where ever you happen to be.”

The state has said that there was a delay in filing charges against the New Orleans woman because prosecutors and investigators had been waiting for forensic testing on the bone fragments and teeth to be completed. According to prosecutors, forensic testing has proven that the remains allegedly in the possession of New Orleans woman Ender Darling were found to be unequivocally human. It was based upon that finding that the decision was made to file charges against the “witch.”

Ender Darling, who identifies as a witch, but not as a man or woman, will be arraigned later in September, according to reports.

Ender Darling was reportedly arrested on July 15 and is being held at the New Orleans Justice Center in lieu of $8,500 bail. Reportedly, the bizarre and troubling case of New Orleans woman (and self-proclaimed witch) Ender Darling has prompted the State of Louisiana to protect human remains at cemeteries with new legislation known as the Louisiana Human Remains Protection and Control Act.

[Image via New Orleans Justice Center]

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