Another ‘Teen Mom’ Baby? Katie Yeager From ‘Teen Mom 3’ Is Expecting

If there is one thing the girls from Teen Mom OG, Teen Mom 2, and Teen Mom 3 seem to know how to do, it is having babies. According to Us Weekly, Katie Yeager revealed to Teen Mom 3 fans on Instagram on Wednesday of this week that she is officially pregnant with her second child.

It was back in August of 2011 that Teen Mom star Katie Yeager welcomed her daughter, Molli, into the world. On Wednesday of this week, Katie posted a picture on Instagram featuring Molli sitting in a rocking chair with a wooded background behind her while holding a book titled Little Miss, Big Sis. In the background, you can also see three Disney dresses hanging on a clothesline.

“Sometimes being a big sister is even better than being a princess, March 2017 #babythayn,” Yeager captioned the photo.

The identity of Thayn, who Teen Mom 3 fans can only assume is the father of Katie Yeager’s baby based on the hashtag, is currently a mystery, as this particular Teen Mom star has made a huge effort to keep her romances off social media and out of the public eye.

On Instagram, Katie Yeager did go on to reassure Teen Mom 3 fans that she was, in fact, in a committed and happy relationship with the father of the baby.

“I’ve been with a wonderful man for over a year. The sign of a happy relationship is no sign of it on social media. Even if I was single it would still be a blessing. I’ve been a single mom to Molli most of her life and she is amazing.”

Katie also wanted to make it clear that she would be just as happy with the situation if she were a single mother, as she had spent most of Molli’s life raising her as a single mother.

According to an exclusive interview with Starcasm, Yeager graciously reveals the pregnancy was not a surprise as she had removed her IUD in April with the hopes of expanding her family. Katie, however, was a little surprised that thanks to no issues with fertility, she got pregnant less than three months (on July 5th) after having her choice of birth control removed. Katie had expected it to take at least a year, if not longer, to get pregnant after removing the birth control. So, she was shocked and excited to learn it happened so quickly.

Starcasm asked Katie whether she and the father had any names for the new bundle of joy picked out yet. She claims she’s waiting to see what the gender of the newest Teen Mom baby will be before settling on a name. She claims to have roughly a month before she finds out the gender and can start thinking about names.

Unfortunately for many Teen Mom fans, MTV made the decision to cancel Teen Mom 3. However, fans will be happy to know Katie has been able to focus on other aspects of her life and has had a lot of good things happen to her since the show was canceled.

Her adorable daughter, Molli, is currently 5-years-old and going to school! Katie Yeager does make an effort to share pictures of her adorable daughter on social media, which Teen Mom fans cannot help but adore.

Starcasm and many other fans of the Teen Mom franchise believe MTV should consider a reboot of Teen Mom 3 to show fans what the girls were able to accomplish without all of the reality TV money the girls from Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 have had thrown at them. Fans could also argue the girls from Teen Mom 3 have the pleasure of not living their lives under as much of a microscope as the girls from Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom OG.

What do you think? Are the lives of Katie and her co-stars better off because Teen Mom 3 got canceled?

[Image via Katie Yeager/Instagram]

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