‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: Dr. Andrew DeLuca’s Condition Unstable, Meredith Helps Alex Cover Up His Crime?

Grey’s Anatomy is finally back for Season 13, and Alex could find himself is deep trouble with the law after he completely misunderstood DuLuca’s intentions with Jo (Camilla Luddington). It looks like the first part of the season may be pretty messy for Alex. Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) will face her own problems after she considers helping Alex cover up his involvement with the near-fatal assault.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 ended with a cliffhanger. Alex (Justin Chambers) came to blows with DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti). It’s not looking good for Andrew, and it looks even worse for Dr. Alex Karev, Hollywood Life reports.

It all started on Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 finale when Jo needed someone to listen to her after Alex declared that it’s over between them. He asked her to marry him, and she refused. She told DeLuca that it wasn’t that she didn’t want to marry Alex, it was that she “couldn’t.”

Grey’s Anatomy spoilers revealed that a very drunk Jo explains that she was married before and he was abusive. She finally got away and she changed her name because he vowed to find her if she left. She cannot divorce him for fear that he will find her and try to kill her like he promised. DeLuca felt bad for her as he realized the agony she was in. Jo wants a life with Alex but her painful past is standing in the way. She reveals that Alex has no idea that she’s married or what her “real name” is.

DeLuca tried to help her in bed because she was obviously drunk. Andrew had just worked an 18-hour shift and wanted nothing more than a nice, long sleep. He felt obligated into watching over Jo, so she didn’t get into any trouble while intoxicated. He helped her into her bed, and just as the door opened, Jo pulled Andrew in bed with her. It was not as it looked, but Alex didn’t care. Grey’s Anatomy spoilers tease that Alex will hit him over and over, and when it’s all over, DeLuca may not survive the “accident.”

In the Grey’s Anatomy teaser, Meredith asked Alex, “You think no one’s going to know this was you?” Alex stands next to Meredith with noticeably bruised hands and obviously stressed out. Alex was worried that Meredith would hand him over to the police and begs her to not tell anyone. She worries that if someone pieces together that Alex could face jail time and it could end his successful career.

“When one of Grey Sloan’s own lands in the hospital, Bailey tries to figure out what happened while the rest of the doctors jump in to help. Meredith juggles huge secrets that affect her relationships with Alex and Maggie. While Richard helps Jo with a big decision, April and Catherine clash over the new baby.”

Grey’s Anatomy spoilers point out that Alex misunderstood what was going on between Jo and Andrew. He jumped to conclusion that he was taking advantage of her, and decided to throw punches first, and ask questions later. It’s possible that afterward, he learned that Andrew was merely helping her. He did not make any sexual advances toward her, and suggested that she reveal her past to Alex “to work things out.”

Dr. Karev seems to think that he can get away with attempted murder, and wants Meredith to keep a lid on everything she knows about his involvement. Meredith seemed to think he was “out of his mind” and then declared “they are the bad guys” which implied that she agreed to help him cover up his crime, TV Line reports.


Watch Grey’s Anatomy on ABC airing on Thursday, September 22. Do you think Andrew DeLuca will survive? Will the cop suspect Alex or worse Meredith for helping him?

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