‘Sully’ After-Credits Scene: Find Out Why Moviegoers Will Want To Stick Around After The Credits Roll

Moviegoers who see Sully this weekend hoping to see an after-credits scene may get something better — a look at the real “Miracle on the Hudson.”

The after-credits scene is become an increasingly common feature at the movies, with filmmakers rewarding viewers willing to sit through all of the credits by giving them an extra scene that wraps up a certain plot line or introduces new characters for future sequels.

This scene has become particularly popular within certain genres, especially action movies and superhero sagas. In fact, the Marvel movies have made the after-credits scene something of an art form, with a formula to each of the superhero movies that includes one scene that plays after an initial stylized credit sequence and a second scene that plays at the end of all the credits.

But dramas, particularly historical pieces like Sully, are less apt to use these after-credits scenes.

So, does Sully have an after-credits scene?

Not exactly. While there is nothing after all the credits roll, director Clint Eastwood has added a nice and poignant surprise during the credits themselves.

Warning: There are some spoilers about Sully ahead. While you likely already know how it ends, there are some details on the credits scene that some viewers might feel is best to remain a surprise. If this is you, then feel free to skip down to the bolded text to avoid any spoilers.

The credits scene in Sully will give viewers a chance to meet the real Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger. As AfterCredits.com noted, there is a special scene during the credits showing both Sully and the people he saved that day.

“We see all 155 passengers of US Airways 1549 meet with the real Chesley Sullenberger and his wife, Lorrie Sullenberger. He says ‘This is your captain speaking’ and all of the passengers laugh. After that, Lorrie said that she read every letter that came to her house.”

It’s not a long scene, but one that gives viewers a bit of a glimpse into the real “Miracle on the Hudson.”

The spoilers end here, so those looking to keep the credits scene a surprise can safely pick back up.

There is already plenty of attention to the real story of Capt. Sullenberger. Clint Eastwood took great measures to lend plenty of accuracy to the story of Sully, who successfully landed a plane safely in the Hudson River after both engines were disabled by a flock of birds.

As USA Today reported, the movie also shows the aftermath of the crash and the investigation into just how it happened.

“The script, based on Sullenberger’s book, Highest Duty, goes behind the scenes of that day and its aftermath, detailing the nightmare the pilot endured when an investigation called his judgment into question. (Analysis initially deduced he could have made it back to the airport.)

“‘We were waiting for the other shoe to drop,’ says Sullenberger of he and co-pilot Jeff Skiles (Aaron Eckhart). It was months ‘before they recovered the left engine, before they analyzed the recorders, before they really determined that given reaction time, we could not have made it to a runway.'”

The portrayal has already caused a bit of controversy, with the investigators objecting to how they are shown as something of villains in Sully.

There could be a very large audience waiting to see Captain Sullenberger and the story of the plane landing safely in the Hudson River. Box office projections have Sully in a tight race with When the Bough Breaks for first place this weekend, with estimates of roughly $20 million in the opening weekend — a strong start for the first weekend after the summer movie season ends.

So moviegoers who see Sully this weekend will get the experience of an after-credits scene without actually having to wait after the credits to see it.

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