Upcoming Movies: Fall 2016 Schedule Offers Sequels, Real-Life Drama

As colder weather slowly begins to creep back in, we can look forward to some of the upcoming movies for the fall of 2016. That is especially the case this fall after what most critics are saying was a mediocre summer regarding quality Hollywood movies or box-office hits.

First up for the fall season will be the upcoming movie Sully, which is based on true events and now open in theaters. Directed by Clint Eastwood, Tom Hanks stars as pilot Chesley Sullenberger. Shortly after takeoff, Sully’s plane loses power, and he is forced to land in the Hudson River in New York. Hanks’ performance could land him an Oscar nomination, according to Cinema Blend.

For movie fans looking for something a bit lighter, there is Bridget Jones’s Baby opening on September 16 in the United States. Another sequel, the new movie takes place about 15 years after the original Bridget Jones’s Diary, the lovable main character, played by Renee Zellweger, finds herself pregnant. The problem: She isn’t sure which of the two men competing for her love is the father.

The upcoming movie titled Snowden will also be out on September 16. Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Edward Snowden, an American government employee who stole and then leaked highly classified information from the National Security Agency. The new feature is directed by Oliver Stone.

The upcoming Magnificent Seven remake will be screening on September 23. The original classic Western was made in the 1960s, which was itself adapted from a Japanese movie. It has a star-laden cast, including Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke. A group of seven gunslingers is hired to defend the population of a town.

Tim Burton is the director behind the upcoming September 30 release of the movie Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. It’s based on the first book in a series of novels. It centers around a young man with special gifts finding his way to a place where others share their unique powers. There are some possible similarities to the X-Men movie franchise, reports IGN.

Mark Wahlberg stars in a new movie based on another true story. It opens on September 30. Deepwater Horizon is centered around an oil rig explosion and its aftermath that occurred in 2010.

The Birth of a Nation is set for release on October 7. The upcoming historical drama stars Nate Parker as Nat Turner, a slave and a preacher in pre-civil war America. In the movie, Turner sees suffering and humiliation all around him and builds up an uprising for freedom.

Also on October 7, Girl on the Train debuts, starring Emily Blunt. Blunt’s lead character in the upcoming movie is an alcoholic who becomes a witness for an investigation into a woman’s disappearance. But questions about her reliability as a witness emerge over her excessive drinking problem.

On October 14, The Accountant movie premieres. Ben Affleck is Christian Wolff, a shy small-town accountant who provides services to a number of dangerous criminal organizations. When federal agents start investigating, things get interesting.

Tom Cruise is back as Jack Reacher in the upcoming Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, which lands in theaters on October 21. In the movie, Reacher, as a fugitive on the run, uncovers a secret from his past that could change his life forever.

In another upcoming movie appearance this fall, Tom Hanks returns to the Da Vinci Code film franchise with Inferno. Hanks reprises his role as Robert Langdon, who must track down more clues in a mystery that threatens all of humanity.

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch plays an unusual superhero in the upcoming Doctor Strange, which hits theaters on November 4. Cumberbatch is a medical surgeon-turned-crime fighter. The movie is based on a cult Marvel character.

An animated movie also begins on November 4. Trolls is based on the strange-looking dolls with crazy hair. The upcoming movie promises to have adventure, comedy, music, and songs.

The people in Hollywood are hoping this list of upcoming movies will keep film fans interested and eager to go to theaters this fall. At least, until the Christmas/winter movie season begins and a whole new batch of movies arrive.

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