Gavin Rossdale Moving On After Nasty Split With Gwen Stefani — You Will Never Guess With Who!

Gwen Stefani’s relationship with Blake Shelton is still the talk of Hollywood, yet Gavin Rossdale may have found a new romance of his own.

Following Rossdale’s messy divorce with the No Doubt frontwoman, Daily Mail is reporting that he has moved on to Tiger Woods’ ex-wife, Elin Nordegren.

Friends introduced Rossdale and Nordegren, who went out for their first date in Los Angeles this past weekend. It isn’t clear what became of their romantic evening, though their budding relationship looks promising.

In fact, their evening went so well that both parties want to go out again and see where it goes from there.

“Elin flies to L.A. on her private plane a lot,” an inside source revealed about Nordegren, who is living in the Florida area. “They want to make it work.”

Rossdale separated from Stefani last summer in the midst of his affair with their children’s nanny. The couple was married for a number of years and had three boys together: Kingston (10), Zuma (8), and Apollo (2).

Their divorce was finalized this past April.

Stefani moved on rather quickly after their breakup and started dating her Voice co-star, Shelton. Their relationship is still going strong and they even spent the Labor Day weekend together at his ranch in Oklahoma.

For her part, Nordegren went through a shocking divorce of her own.

As fans will recall, Nordegren parted ways from the golf megastar after she discovered he cheated on her with multiple women.

Nordegren broke up with Woods in 2009 and finalized the divorce a year later. The pair had two children together, Sam (9) and Charlie (7).

After the scandalous divorce, Nordegren started seeing billionaire Chris Cline in 2013. They broke things off in 2014, though the reasons why the ended things are still unclear.

As far as Woods is concerned, he started dating Lindsey Vonn. Their relationship lasted for three years before they ultimately parted ways.

Meanwhile, Radar Online is reporting that things between Rossdale and Stefani may have smoothed over.

Although Gavin Rossdale was originally upset with the role Shelton was playing in his sons’ lives, the two men reportedly sat down and talked out their differences.

“Blake insisted that he and Gavin have a few drinks and talk about boundaries with Gwen and with their sons,” a source explained to the outlet.

Shelton’s goal was to reassure Rossdale that he isn’t going to lose his job as a father.

“Blake’s man enough to know Gavin must be feeling insecure about his growing presence in his sons’ lives,” the insider shared. “He wanted to clear the air and assure Gavin that he’ll always be their dad.”

Shelton’s plan seemed to work. The men even discussed what kind of special activities Rossdale does with his kids so that Shelton doesn’t step on his toes.

“They even talked about what particular activities are special to Gavin so Blake made sure he didn’t do the same with the boys,” the source said.

In the end, Shelton’s chat with Rossdale also helped his relationship with Stefani. It also enabled some trust and respect to grow between Shelton and Rossdale.

“It was a smart and compassionate move and it’s helped Gwen get on better with Gavin, who doesn’t feel like some kind of ax murderer when he’s around the family anymore. He and Blake have definitely come to respect each other,” the insider concluded.

Neither Shelton nor Stefani have commented on the rumors surrounding Rossdale’s romance with Nordegren.

Considering how their dating life is still going strong, there is little doubt that they will be fully supportive of Rossdale moving on with his life.

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