Josh Murray’s Relationship With Amanda Stanton May Not Be All Paradise

Is Josh Murray making the same mistakes with Amanda Stanton that he did with Andi Dorfman? The newly engaged Bachelor in Paradise alum has reportedly had a rocky road with Stanton since filming of the ABC reality show wrapped in Mexico, according to ET Online.

A source told ET that while Josh and Amanda are still engaged, it has been a tough road. In fact, Murray and his fiancé have already split up more than once since returning to the real world. The source attributes the trouble to the couple’s long-distance status as well as the pressures of real-time dating and the fact that Stanton is already a single mom to two young daughters.

“They have broken up a couple times since getting home and have had a rough start to their relationship.”

Josh Murray relocated from Atlanta, Georgia, to Amanda’s hometown of Irvine, California, earlier this year, and the couple has posted happy family pictures now that Josh has met Amanda’s kids, Kinsey, 4, and Charlie, 2.

Josh previously told ET he is already planning for a big family with Amanda.

“I want a big family. I’ve always wanted a big family,” Josh said. “[Amanda] has already had two, and we talked about maybe maxing out at three more… Possibly a whole basketball team.”

Murray’s comments echo what he said about Andi when they first got engaged two years ago. Shortly after her engagement to Murray, Dorfman told ABC News that her fiancé was already talking about starting a family.

“We’re waiting a little while, though he doesn’t want to wait,” she said. “I was like, ‘When you can afford my push presents!'”

At the time, Murray said that he is ready for “a whole team of kids” and is “ready to start poppin’ ’em out,” while Andi told Hollywood Life that Josh was “baby crazy” after he joked about getting her pregnant in the Fantasy suite.

“Josh is baby crazy right now,” the former Bachelorette star said. “There are times where I see a baby and I’m like, ‘Ooh, I want a baby!’ He’s like, ‘Do not even give me permission because you know it’s gonna happen.'”

Indeed, in the same interview, Murray predicted that he could see his wife-to-be getting ready to “[pop out] child two or three… or four or five” kids within five years.

While Dorfman insisted they would get married before any baby making would take place, Murray said, “But you may see a little baby bump at the wedding.”

The pregnancy rumors were so fierce that Andi had to squash them once and for all on social media.

Josh Murray had a baby on the brain two years ago, and it sounds like that’s what he still wants. While there may have been some initial trouble in paradise, an insider told People that Josh has already bonded with Amanda’s kids. Indeed, Murray has been posting to Instagram, describing Amanda and her kids as his “new family.”

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Murray said his relationship with Amanda is “a 180” from his relationship with Andi, whom he says twisted the truth about their relationship when she wrote about it in her tell-all book.

“I ended things with Andi quite a few times for a reason,” Josh said.

But his relationship with Amanda sounds very similar to his relationship with Andi. Not only is he doing a bunch of baby talk, but he has already broken up with her a few times. Only time will tell if Josh Murray’s Bachelor in Paradise romance will actually last or if he’ll get married this time. But, hey, if it doesn’t work out, maybe he can be a dual Bachelor with Nick Viall.

Take a look at the video below to see Josh Murray gushing about Amanda Stanton.

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