‘Final Fantasy XV’: ‘Kingsglaive’ Director Talks Elements Of Movie, Characters, & More

With Final Fantasy XV around the corner, there are many who have seen and reviewed Kingsglaive.

Kingsglaive is a part of the Final Fantasy XV story, told before the main game takes place when Noctis and crew join the fray. While we’ve seen much in the way of how the story is going to open and play out, reviews of Kingsglaive have left speculation in both a positive and negative light.

In a report by Wired, we learn more of what Kingsglaive holds in regards to the overall picture of Final Fantasy XV. Director Takeshi Nozue weighs in on the movie in comparison to others. He also directed Final Fantasy: Advent Children.

“The largest difference was establishing the hero. In the case of Advent Children, it was a hero that was familiar to players and was already established, and their story could go on. In this case, we had to establish a new hero and it had to be someone accessible to a wider audience that hadn’t seen him before. That was the major difference in approach this time around.”

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children follows the story of Cloud Strife and AVALANCHE, the mercenary group responsible for taking down the militant company SHINRA. The roles were reversed when it came to how both of these movies were released. Final Fantasy VII had already been out when its movie was released. In contrast, Kingsglaive was released, while Final Fantasy XV was delayed until the end of November.

Nozue continues to discuss Kingsglaive, mainly the female contribution to the movie and story. There was quite a bit of controversy with the fact that there appear to be no main characters in Final Fantasy XV that are female. Instead, it will be a band of four males who take the center stage. Still, Nozue had this to say in regards to Lunafreya, who is one of the main cast of Kingsglaive.

“The way we feel about Luna’s strength is that she’s not this authority figure that imposes her will on others in that way. It’s more about her resolution and how she can stand her own ground. That’s where she shows her strength. In our minds, Luna is a strong character, not because of what she makes others do, but how she’s able to stick to her guns, basically.”

Despite the fact that it’s a Final Fantasy movie, there are some who believe that it won’t hold a candle to the game. In a report by Yibada, it’s said that Kingsglaive is a gorgeous movie with a baffling story.

Could this ultimately mean the same thing for Final Fantasy XV? One would certainly hope not. With actors such as Aaron Paul, Sean Bean, and Lena Headey contributing as voices for the characters, Kingsglaive seems promising to those who may not have seen it yet.

Nozue discussed having these actors in mind for the Kingsglaive film.

“We started by forming the characters before we went and asked the actors to be on the project, but Sean Bean and Lena Headey have a history of playing these sorts of regal characters, so they were a great fit for those roles,” Takeshi began.

“Harking back to what I said earlier about some of the immigrant characters, Aaron Paul has this everyman quality that made him perfect for the role of Nyx and what we wanted to show. We’re really happy with how it lined up and that they took the project.”

Ultimately, it’s been said that fans will want to watch Kingsglaive before diving into the game. With reviews being mixed, we can only hope that Final Fantasy XV will tie in smoothly with the movie’s events.

Have you seen Kingsglaive? What did you think of the movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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