Don Cheadle Would Love Another Marvel Role, While He Remains A Staunch Climate Change Campaigner

Don Cheadle has revealed that he would love to feature in a movie that is based on War Machine, the Marvel superhero who is the alter ego of Captain James Rhodes, according to the Independent.

Don Cheadle earlier played the role of James Rhodes by replacing Terrence Howard in the first installment of Marvel’s Iron-Man movie series. However, the character was overshadowed when Marvel filmmakers decided to include a diverse range of characters to make their movies more appealing. In fact, Don Cheadle’s character was shown to have been gravely injured in Captain America: Civil War, thereby raising questions regarding the character’s return in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Some may argue that featuring in the Marvel movie franchise is not the greatest pursuit for a veteran actor like Don Cheadle, who gained immense popularity by featuring in movies like Hotel Rwanda, Boogie Nights, The Guard, and Ocean’s Eleven. The Independent reports that Don Cheadle has diversified his skills by venturing into the field of movie direction to broaden his horizons.

In Don Cheadle’s opinion, his career-defining moment came when he not only acted in but also wrote and directed the critically acclaimed Miles Ahead, the biopic that is based on the life of the legendary jazz trumpeter Miles Davis. Stepping into the shoes of a director wasn’t an easy task for the Devil in a Blue Dress actor, who had to overcome obstacles pertaining to finances, casting, and production schedules. His debut directorial was certainly not an easy one for the actor, who struggled to juggle the multiple roles involved, and there were times when the film project ran into financial troubles, with Don Cheadle having to tap into various sources to keep the finances flowing.

Though his directorial stint was a stressful one, Don Cheadle found it fulfilling to play the legendary musician, who is also his lifelong hero. In fact, the Boogie Nights actor was deeply motivated to become involved in the movie when he learned that the musician’s family had expressed their desire to see Don Cheadle portray the music legend on the big screen. More importantly, Cheadle’s convictions are deeply in line with those of the late musician, who had actively participated in the 20th century’s civil rights movement by channeling the will of the oppressed people through his music.

Don Cheadle is a sensitive artist, while at the same time being an outspoken citizen who criticizes politicians who use the “race card” to advance themselves. Us Magazine reports that the actor recently came down heavily on Donald Trump when the politician tried to win over African-American voters through his social media post about the shooting of basketball star Dwayne Wade’s cousin in Chicago.

Instead of offering his condolences, the Republican Presidential candidate seemed to suggest that the Democratic government had no regard for the safety of African-Americans in Chicago, a city that has long been known to have a Democratic stronghold.

Apart from pursuing his illustrious career in Hollywood, Don Cheadle has also become a powerful voice against climate change. Recently, the actor recorded a nationwide public announcement that promotes the Environmental Defense Fund’s awareness campaign to adopt good environmental practices to curb climate change, with the announcement featuring Don Cheadle being broadcast by Entercom through its 124 radio stations located across the USA.

Through the announcement, audiences can hear the Oscar-winning actor speak about the negative impacts of climate change by citing various examples, including the example of the Texas drought that was brought about by climate change and which had an adverse effect on the employment levels of the region.

Apart from his collaboration with the Environmental Defense Fund, Don Cheadle has also expressed his interest in becoming a climate activist by collaborating with organizations like the United Nations Environment Program and the Citizen’s Climate Lobby. According to Eco Watch, Don Cheadle spoke about the fulfillment he feels due to his work towards environmental protection, which largely began as a result of his involvement with the television show Years of Living Dangerously.

“[The show] expanded my horizons with regard to climate and continues to open my eyes and introduce me to more soldiers in this fight.”

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