Kim Kardashian Having Kanye West Babies Next Year

Kim Kardashian is busy at the moment but plans to get pregnant with Kanye West’s children sometime in 2013. A source close to the actress says she is desperate to have children and wants them to be with her superstar music performing and producing boyfriend.

Speaking to Closer magazine the source says:

“Kim and Khloé are desperate to have children. Seeing Kourtney give birth has made them even more determined.”

The source then adds:

“Kim wants getting pregnant next year to be her top priority. She says she feels suffocated by her schedule promoting the Kardashian brand.”

If the rumor is true the couple will at least be living together before the little Kim West babies start popping out. The source says Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are already looking for a place to call their own.

“Kanye thinks Kim’s family controls her and wants them to make a new life in New York. He doesn’t want other people telling them how to bring up their kids,” the source confirms.

The couple have been dating less than one year and Kim Kardashian is still attempting to complete her divorce to long-time husband (kidding!!!) Kris Humphries.

Kim could be feeling the pressure to bare children now that her sister Kourtney beat her to giving birth on reality TV.

It’s hard to picture Kim Kardashian settling down but one thing is for certain, should the couple sign a TV deal they’ll probably make millions before eventually breaking up in a fit of publicly displayed rage.

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