Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Fight Over His Ex And Holiday Home?

There are rumors brewing about Jennifer Aniston, which is no surprising bit of news, seeing as she is the subject of tabloid headlines pretty well on the daily. However, the usual topic involving a possible pregnancy is not one that is frequently cropping up these days following Aniston’s action taken in response to the constant rumor mill churning out lies about her supposed baby bump. That action involved the former Friends star penning a letter within the Huffington Post, which detailed her frustrations about being the constant target for such fabrications.

“For the record, I am not pregnant, What I am is fed up. “

Since this point, tabloids seem to have gotten the picture, or at least part of that picture, seeing as they have laid off perpetuating pregnancy stories. However, the point of Jen’s essay seemed to have been also partially missed. In the essay, the star uses that line to focus on the vast number of pregnancy rumors swirled about her, yet as she continues, she is really asking for tabloids to leave her out of headlines entirely, whether about relationship or financial state. The rumors keep on coming about the actress and the most recent is focused on her reportedly crumbling relationship with hubby Justin Theroux over an ex-girlfriend and a holiday home.

Reports of marital troubles first got rolling when Justin and Jen didn’t seem to plan a big celebration for their first wedding anniversary. However, it is a known fact that the couple is extremely private. Just look at how they handled their own wedding. Half of the guests thought they were simply attending a BBQ because Aniston and Theroux wanted it to be kept entirely secret.

Coming off the anniversary rumor, now the story is that Justin still has feelings for his most recent ex-girlfriend Heidi Biven, who was his girlfriend for 14 years before he began dating Jen. The rumors are made even more juicy with claims being thrown about that Jen is seeking comfort from her own ex, ex-husband Brad Pitt. However, Headlines & Global News has shared that the reports concerning Jen and Brad are false, also stating that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are going strong.

As for Jen and Justin, Radar Online notes that a source says the recent tensions arose while the pair were discussing the purchase of a holiday home. Justin reportedly has an escape in Hawaii, which Jen is not a fan of. A source spoke to the publication on the topic of the home.

“Jen isn’t a big fan of Hawaii, she only went there because Justin begged her. He still owns his place on Kauai’s north shore and feels like it’s paradise there, but she finds the place boring.”

In addition to the property being a bit boring for the beauty’s taste, the source indicates that her ill feelings involve the connection it has to Theroux’s 40-year-old ex, Heidi, who vacationed there with Justin regularly.

“Not only is it too rustic for her tastes, it’s also synonymous with his time with Heidi [Bivens]. Jen hates that, [She and Justin plan to] buy a property in Mexico.”

Although Justin wants the 47-year-old to be happy, he is not entirely a fan of Mexico, as the insider shares.

“Justin’s snobby about Mexico and is refusing to do any house hunting in Cabo, even though Jen’s been on him about this for months. It’s a real issue that’s caused a ton of fights.”

Justin reportedly dumped his costume designer girlfriend of 14 years so he could get together with Jen Aniston. There is reportedly still ill feelings between the family of Heidi towards Justin, which may be causing him to feel guilt in his marriage. None of these claims have been verified and remain speculation.

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