Microsoft Reveals Windows 8 Deployment Results From Internal Rollout

Microsoft wants future Windows 8 customers, specifically IT teams, to realize just how simple it is to switch over to the Windows 8 operating system. To prove the ease of upgrade Microsoft documented the move from Windows 7 to Windows 8 throughout the company’s own internal employee computers since July 2012.

In a blog post the company revealed the results from installing Windows 8 on 30,000 computer systems since mid-July.

Microsoft used the study to show off deployment techniques for enterprise and single machine systems. The program also serves to train help desk staff ahead of mass installation.

Microsoft also revealed that it has installed a moderated forum called //pointers which allows employees to leave feedback on changes as they took place throughout the company. Microsoft plans to use the collaboration tool as a knowledge-sharing option for the Windows 8 platform.

According to Electronista:

“System administrators used IT Easy Installer to streamline the upgrade experience, by automating as much as possible. The program allowed teams to work out if the target machine was suitable for Windows 8 and offered compatibility guidance for already installed software, as well as migrating data to local or network storage as a backup.”

Users will be able to determine how smoothly they can upgrade to Microsoft Windows 8 when the Windows 8 RT OS rolls out on October 26.

IT departments will specifically find the study useful as it shows some of the challenges associated with changing thousands of employees over to the new Microsoft Windows 8 platform.

Are you excited to get your hands on Windows 8 when it finally rolls out at the end of October 2012?

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