JoJo Fletcher On Evan Bass’ And Grant Kemp’s Engagements, Lauren Bushnell Sends Love To Amanda Stanton

Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise ended with not one but three engagements. Carly Waddell got engaged to Evan Bass, Lace Morris got engaged to Grant Kemp, and Amanda Stanton got engaged to Josh Murray. After the season finale aired on Tuesday night, many of the franchise’s alums congratulated and sent their well wishes to the happy couples. JoJo Fletcher, for whom both Evan and Grant competed for on the last The Bachelorette, happily reacted to the news that Evan and Grant found love. Meanwhile, Lauren Bushnell, who competed with Amanda Stanton for Ben Higgins on The Bachelor, sent her love to Amanda in regards to her engagement to Josh.

In response to a viewer who asked JoJo how she feels about Evan’s and Grant’s engagements, JoJo said that she couldn’t be happier. She said that both Evan and Grant are great men, and she’s excited for the couples.

Grant thanked JoJo for her compliment.

Both Evan and Grant were sent home at the same time on JoJo’s season after their group date during the cast’s vacation in Uruguay. Both Evan and Grant got emotional in response to being sent home. In his exit interview, Evan said that he wished he had opened up more.

“It felt like daggers through my heart. In retrospect, I really wish I had better taken advantage of the time that we had. I thought I could come out here and be this amazing guy, and in some ways, I never gave myself a chance to show her my heart, and I wanted to tonight. I’m so disappointed in myself, and I am really, really sad. I tried.”

Grant said that JoJo, who eventually got engaged to Jordan Rodgers, made a mistake sending him home.

“I feel like she did make a mistake tonight by sending me home. I mean, it sucks. I don’t get it. I seriously don’t. I feel hurt but so confused at the same time.”

Yet both Evan Bass and Grant Kemp have clearly moved on and are now happy with their respective fiancees. On the Bachelor in Paradise season 3 finale episode, Evan and Carly Waddell were the first couple up on the proposal platform. Despite expressing disgust at the thought of being romantic with Evan just a few weeks earlier, even going so far as saying that Evan killed her sexual desire, and she wanted to vomit instead of kiss Evan, Carly’s feelings made a complete turnaround, and she now wanted Evan to propose to her.

Evan did just that. He declared his love for Carly, got down on one knee, and tearfully proposed to Carly.

“My love for you has only gotten stronger. I feel like my heart beats to your soul.”

Carly, who praised Evan for being “fearless in the pursuit of [her]” and said that she would die for him, quickly said yes. “He makes me feel so beautiful, inside and outside,” Carly cried while she and Evan celebrated their engagement.

Next up were Lace Morris and Grant. Lace, who was coupled up with Grant from practically the beginning of Paradise, admitted that she felt scared about their love at first, but she is now ready to move forward.

“I find you beyond handsome. I just feel like every time I get scared or put up a wall, there you are running right behind me… And I thought to myself, ‘Why am I running?'”

Grant assured Lace that he loves her just as she is.

“I love you when you’re happy; I love you when you’re stubborn; I love you when you’re sad; I even love you when you’re screaming at me. But mostly, I love you when you’re Lace.”

When Grant got down on one knee and proposed, Lace was sobbing so hard she barely choked out a yes. “Yeah?” Grant asked, before putting on the ring.

After Nick Viall broke up with Jen Saviano, it was Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray’s turn. Amanda and Josh’s relationship faced a lot of scrutiny due to people questioning whether Amanda was making the right choice in Josh given what his former fiancee, the former Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman, claimed about him in her memoir. In her book, It’s Not Okay, Andi claims that Josh was verbally and emotionally abusive towards her during their engagement. Prior to meeting Josh at the proposal platform, Amanda maintained that she trusts Josh.

“I have no questions at all. I know who he is, and that’s really all that matters.”

Josh, meanwhile, managed to give Andi a little dig, saying that while he “still had reservations” on the day he proposed to Andi, he was completely sure about Amanda.

Standing together at the proposal platform, Josh and Amanda declared their love for one another. Amanda said that she was excited for Josh to join her little family. Josh got down on one knee and proposed. Amanda happily and quickly accepted.

Prior to Bachelor in Paradise, Amanda was the third runner-up for Ben Higgins on The Bachelor. After meeting Amanda’s family, including her two young daughters, Ben sent her home at the rose ceremony. Ben admitted that meeting Amanda’s daughters made him realize that he wasn’t sure if he was ready for the instant responsibility of being a father, and he should send Amanda home so that she could be with her kids if he wasn’t completely sure of their relationship. Amanda told Ben that he should’ve sent her home right after their hometown date rather than wait for the rose ceremony.

“It would have been nice if you would have let me know then rather than send me back to L.A., just to send me home at a rose ceremony.”

Ben ended up getting engaged to Lauren Bushnell, and he is still engaged to her.

Despite both competing for the same man, Amanda and Lauren became good friends during the process and are still good friends today. In response to Amanda’s engagement, Lauren congratulated her and told her that she loves her very much.

Amanda thanked Lauren and also said that she loves her very much.

Perhaps Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins and Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray will go on a double date soon? Updates provided on the couples at the end of the Bachelor in Paradise season 3 finale episode stated that Josh has moved in with Amanda, Lace Morris has moved in with Grant Kemp, and Carly Waddell is moving in with Evan Bass in December.

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