Ian Somerhalder Rumored For 50 Shades Of Grey

Could Ian Somerhalder be up for the lead role in Fifty Shades of Grey? Ian is the newest actor to be rumored for the role, a rumor that has spread throughout Hollywood with such names attached as Ryan Gosling (Hey Girl Meme), Matt Bomer (White Collar) and Jake Gyllenhaal.

The role of Christian Grey has become a hot topic on the web but The Vampire Diaries star denied the rumor during the 2012 Environmental Media Awards Saturday night. However, Ian told E News! he had a feeling what the audition process would be like, noting:

“I think that’s going to be a very interesting story to tell…It seems like whoever plays that role, it will be very interesting rehearsal time…the audition process is gonna be interesting.”

When asked who he would cast as Anastasia Somerhalder added:

“My Anastasia? I don’t know…there are too many [good Hollywood actors] to name.”

Whether or not the actor is really up for the lead role has not been confirmed or denied by Hollywood execs.

It is likely that the role will continue to be scouted by casting directors. While the lead character is one of the more risque to come through Hollywood in years it is also a sought after role thanks to the books immense popularity, almost all of which comes from a female crowd.

As we have in the past I have to ask, who do you think would play the perfect Christian Grey? Do you think an unknown actor should be handed the role?

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