Channing Tatum Meets Simone Biles, Tries Not to ‘Freak Out,’ Then Delivers The Surprise Of a Lifetime

Channing Tatum didn’t know he was in for such a treat when he appeared on Ellen this week. Ellen DeGeneres arranged for Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles to drop by and give Tatum the famous meet-and-greet he’s been dreaming of since Biles’ record-breaking Rio Olympics performance.

Tatum, of Magic Mike fame, swooned to Degeneres, “I’m going to freak out. I’m going to freak out (more than her), I bet.” This exchange came after Tatum explained that he and his wife, Jenna Dewan Tatum, watched all of Biles’ accomplishments at the Rio 2016 games and declared that the 19-year-old gymnast was, in fact, “the greatest of all time.”

Ellen and Channing both agreed that Simone was an extraordinary gymnast, and Tatum explained his theory behind the athlete’s prowess, “I have a theory though, my theory is that she’s so tiny, she has a harder time holding on to the ground than just going up,” Tatum said. “I think she’s got really strong toes and that helps her hold on to the ground… to keep herself from flying away.”

Biles, who is also a Magic Mike fan, was delighted at the prospect of meeting Tatum as well. However, Ellen warned the Olympian before the meeting, “He may ask you something about your toes and you just ignore it.”

According to USA Today, Biles set a new American record for the most gold medals won in gymnastics in a singles games. During the 2016 Rio Games, Biles took home three gold medals and one bronze medal in gymnastics. She’s currently the first woman to win three all-around world titles as well.

Simone Biles competing in the 2016 Rio Olympics [Photo by Dmitri Lovetsky/AP Images]

Considering Biles has so much medal to carry around, Ellen thought it would be a good idea if she had some sort of decorative display case. The host said, “We got you something because you have so many medals. You have to have a case…You have to have some place to hold them.”

In a dramatic reveal, a curtain pulled away and there was Tatum dangling Simone’s gold around his famous arms while looking very statuesque. Biles was a great sport about sharing her medals and even draped some of her gold around Tatum’s neck after she gave him a big hug.

In addition to meeting Simone Biles, Channing, the Magic Mike XXL star, appeared on the show to plug his newest version of the Magic Mike franchise. In March 2017, a live stage production of Magic Mike will hit the Hard Rock Hotel Casino in Las Vegas.

Tatum announced Magic Mike Live on his first ever Facebook live video according to People. In the video, Channing also introduced the cast of attractive men that will be performing in the live show, plus choreographer Alison Faulk who created all of the thrilling dance moves for the first two Magic Mike films.

Although Tatum has managed to make the Magic Mike franchise more than just a male stripper gimmick, the actor also wants to take his audience into consideration. The 22 Jump Street star said that Magic Mike Live has partnered with Cosmopolitan to get as much feedback from women as possible to make the show more enjoyable for them.

“…We want to change what male entertainment has been for years. We want to make it better, it’s time. I hate when I say it, but it’s time to revolutionize and times are a changing so we’ve got to do some different stuff, make it more of a conversation rather than men going up there and telling you what you think is sexy,” Tatum said in his Facebook video.

Magic Mike Live will begin in March 2017 at the Hard Rock Hotel Casino [Photo by Eric Charbonneau/Invision for Warner Bros./AP Images]

To promote the live show, Channing even brought male performers onto Ellen and gave the audience a little preview of what the dancers could really do. One lucky audience member even got a steamy solo lap dance from a shirtless Magic Mike Live performer while Tatum and DeGeneres looked on in amusement.

Magic Mike Live will begin in March and Tatum plans to perform in some of the Las Vegas shows himself. Getting into performing shape isn’t the easiest, but luckily for Tatum he got some extra exercise by lifting all of Simone’s gold medals.

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

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