Carly Waddell Of ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Finally Getting Her Happily Ever After With Evan Bass

The Season 3 finale of Bachelor in Paradise aired last night and ended with a record three marriage proposals. While fans are excited for all three of the couples, everyone seems to have a special soft spot for Carly Waddell and Evan Bass. Waddell and Bass had an on and off again relationship in the beginning until Carly realized how much she really cared about Evan. Now Carly and Evan are happy, in love, engaged, and looking towards their future after Paradise.

Reality Steve shared with fans in June that Evan and Carly were engaged. While watching Paradise, fans were wondering how an engagement was possible with Carly’s blatant expression of non-romantic feelings for Evan. During Carly and Evan’s first date Waddell voiced that she threw up most of the night after their hot pepper kiss. She went on to express that it was not just the pepper making her ill. Carly said the kiss was horrible. Evan took it like a champ when the show aired and joked about the insults on his Twitter.

The turning point in their love story came when Evan became sick and was taken to the hospital. Carly shared with Glamour that she realized on that hospital date that she had feelings for Evan. Waddell said she felt like she was on a normal date and the two were able to develop a stronger connection with the cameras off. Carly says on the ride from the hospital back to Paradise, she found herself wanting to hold his hand and this changed everything for them. While Evan joked about the hospital stay saying all it took was him faking an injury, Carly revealed that Bass was actually ill and had an infection.

Once Carly re-boarded the Evan train, things moved quickly in the right direction, and the couple was inseparable. Carly was finally happy and falling in love. Waddell had her heart broken last season on Bachelor in Paradise by Kirk DeWindt. Even with a broken heart, Carly remained positive and chose to go to Paradise one more time in hopes of finding love. Evan and Carly complement each other perfectly, and if ever a couple deserved happily ever after, it is this one.

Carly and Evan did a pretty good job of keeping their engagement a secret. The two live only seven minutes away from each other in Nashville, and Carly has revealed she is moving her stuff into Evan’s place. Entertainment Tonight shared Bass’ feelings about Carly. Evan said, “I want to marry that girl for sure. I see a life with her forever and she’s amazing.” Waddell has shared similar sentiments about Evan too. Carly said on social media, “I love him. He is my person. He is my lobster. He is my everything.”

Carly and Evan are happily engaged and in love. Carly has met Evan’s children and is excited to be a part of their lives. When their engagement was finally revealed, and their appearance on After Paradise concluded, Carly took to Twitter to share how excited she was that she could finally follow Evan’s children on Instagram. Carly said, “I feel COMPLETE now!”

Everyone is hoping to see Carly and Evan get married soon. Waddell has already secured her best friend Jade’s spot as a future bridesmaid. Jade and Tanner Tolbert Skyped with the happy couple on After Paradise where Carly asked Jade to be in the upcoming wedding. Jade took to social media as well to share her support and love for Carly and Evan.

While no official wedding date has been set or announced, fans are hoping they don’t wait too long to tie the knot. Carly and Evan are well on their way to getting their fairytale ending that began on a beach in Paradise. With so much chemistry and obvious affection for each other, Waddell and Bass are sure to make it down the aisle. They have Bachelor fans and alumni cheering them along their journey to forever. Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise will return next summer for more couples to have a chance at finding love like these two lucky souls.

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