Grant Kemp And Lace Morris Engaged! ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Are Shacking Up And Planning A Possible TV Wedding

Grant Kemp and Lace Morris were one of the most adorable couples to make it out of Bachelor in Paradise with their relationship intact.

Following Kemp’s proposal during the Season 3 finale, many fans wondered whether or not the two would remain together after the show.

A few months have already gone by since filming wrapped, and Hollywood Life is reporting their relationship is still going strong. When will the Bachelor in Paradise stars officially tie the knot?

A wedding date has not been set, but Morris has already moved into Kemp’s home in San Francisco. With the pair already shacking up, it’s only a matter of time before they exchange vows.

That being said, their relationship hasn’t been smooth sailing from the start.

During an interview with Glamour, Kemp revealed that he was going for a girl “based on looks,” and that his eyes were set on meeting Morris long before he landed a spot on Bachelor in Paradise.

“I remember the first time I saw Lace on Ben’s season, and I thought, ‘Wow, that girl is gorgeous!’ I never thought I’d be on The Bachelorette or be here. So that was my first impression of her,” Kemp told the outlet. “She was definitely on my mind when I came here. I voiced to many people that I was looking forward to meeting her, and I did.”

Of course, Kemp’s relationship with Morris is based off more than just looks. In fact, Kemp added that certain aspects of her personality really won him over.

“What drew me into Lace was the fact that she’s very straight to the point, and she’s not afraid to tell it like it is,” he stated in the interview. “She’s a little bit sassy, and I like that. She’s the type of girl who’s the first person to admit when she makes a mistake, and that’s hard to find.”

As fans are well aware, Morris’s personality can be difficult to deal with at times. When asked about how he handles Morris’ crazy side, Grant Kemp admitted that he knows how to handle her personality.

“I wouldn’t call it crazy, but I definitely know how to handle her. I feel like a lot of guys don’t know how to handle a girl like Lace. I think she appreciates more than anything that I’m that guy,” he shared.

Speaking of Morris’s crazy side, the couple had a few rough moments during their time on the show.

According to Bustle, Morris’s fling with Chad Johnson almost derailed Morris’s chances of getting with Kemp.

After host Chris Harrison removed Johnson from the show — a move that benefited everyone — Morris was still uneasy about getting back with Kemp.

Thankfully, following a heart to heart chat, they both decided to rekindle their romance and see where it went.

The couple hit another snag when Kemp confessed his love and Morris didn’t respond how he expected. Morris was just waiting until she processed her feelings a little more, but the delay didn’t help the situation.

Morris eventually shared her love with Kemp, and the two even got matching tattoos to show off their commitment.

Their romance reached a high point when Kemp popped the big question during the season finale of Bachelor in Paradise, and Morris couldn’t have said yes any faster.

For now, it looks like Kemp and Morris are still happily together and looking forward to spending their lives together.

Whether or not the pair will go through with their plans to marry each other is yet to be seen.

Hopefully, they will announce their official wedding date in the near future and reveal if they plan on televising the ceremony.

Tell us! Do you think Grant Kemp and Lace Morris will wed sooner rather than later? Let us know in the comments and watch the video below to hear Grant tell Lace he loves her for the first time.

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