Amanda Stanton Engaged To Josh Murray, Slammed On Social Media Following ‘BiP’ Finale

Amanda Stanton is engaged to Josh Murray, confirmed with a proposal on the Bachelor In Paradise finale that aired on Tuesday night. However, fans of the show are taking to social media to slam Amanda Stanton, saying that her relationship with Josh Murray changed her and some saying that they don’t like her much anymore.

Since the show finished taping, Murray has been living with Stanton in Orange County, California. The two have been furthering their relationship and hanging out with Amanda’s two daughters, Kinsley, four, and Charlie, two.

Amanda Stanton was first introduced to Bachelor nation on Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor where she was denied a rose after Hometown Dates. Fans of the show fell in love with her instantly, as she was very kind, genuine, and down to earth.

It does seem, however, that something changed once Amanda met Josh on Bachelor In Paradise 3.

As previously mentioned, Amanda Stanton is engaged to Josh Murray. The two found a connection in Mexico almost instantly and didn’t stop making out, save for when Josh wanted to enjoy some pizza or yell at Nick Viall for heaven knows what.

Since the finale aired, some Amanda Stanton fans have turned on her, saying that she seems very naive and that her relationship with Josh Murray has caused her to act differently — less genuine, if you will.

“Amanda had the chance to leave paradise early with him and chose not to. Um, mom of the year right there. She would rather stay longer on a reality show and make out surrounded by pizza boxes than get home to her two young daughters. She’s as disgusting as he is,” said one Facebook user.

“I hate both of them. Shallow immature Amanda with the mentally abusing josh. Hope she leaves him before he puts his hands on her or her daughters. He swears he is the next Joel Osteen,” said another.

“She is perfect for him. She will always put him first and that’s what he wants in a woman. And she obviously doesn’t put her kids first, evidenced by her leaving them behind for indefinite amount of time just to do the shows, so they might actually work out,” added a third.

According to Us Weekly, Amanda Stanton is happy to be engaged to Josh Murray no matter what fans are talking about. She and Josh haven’t tried to hide their relationship over the past month and have been spotted out in public quite a few times before the Bachelor In Paradise finale. Now, the two are free to post photos together and have done so on Instagram and Snapchat.

“We’re excited to just be out, let everyone know we’re engaged and just enjoy our lives. I am extremely happy — I couldn’t be more grateful, to be honest with you. … We are so happy,” Josh said.

As for what might come next for the lovebirds, rumors that Amanda Stanton will be moving her children to Atlanta (Josh’s home base) have been floating around for weeks. Josh does seem to like being in California, however, and there’s a chance that he may relocate permanently. The two have not expressed whether or not they are thinking about tying the knot anytime soon.

Of course, there are plenty of Bachelor In Paradise fans that don’t even think that Amanda and Josh will make it that far, but who knows? Only time will tell, right?

Do you think Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray will last? Has your opinion of Amanda Stanton changed since she did Bachelor In Paradise and “fell in love” with Josh? Sound off in the comments below.

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