Watch Apple iPhone 7 And Apple Watch 2 Launch Live Online: Start Time, Streaming Video Of Wednesday’s Announcement

Tech junkies will be able to watch Apple’s iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2 launch live online and see what new features are included when the technology giant unveils its latest iterations on Wednesday.

There have been rumors circulating for weeks about what the newest iPhone will include, with plenty of speculation about battery size, screen resolution, and the possibility of wireless earbuds. But fans won’t have to wait any longer, with the unveiling scheduled for 10 a.m. local time (1 p.m. ET) from San Francisco. As would be expected of the world’s preeminent technology company, the reveal of the iPhone 7 will be available live online (a link to the streaming video can be found below).

One of the biggest rumors for the iPhone 7 has centered on the “AirPods” that the company has been working on. The Next Web uncovered a device registration in Europe for these AirPods, and the speculation is that they will actually be wireless listening devices.

Another rumor about the iPhone 7 centers on its messaging, though this is expected to be revealed a bit later on Wednesday with the unveiling of iOS 10. The Mirror had some of the details about what’s likely to be revealed.

iOS 10 includes a whole new range of features for Apple’s Messages app, that will turn your chats from boring text into multimedia extravaganzas.

These range from animations that take over your entire screen and automatic emoji suggestions to “invisible ink” that is only revealed when you swipe over it, and handwritten notes.

But those who watch the launch of the iPhone 7 live online are not expected to see anything groundbreaking. As many technology followers have noted, Samsung has taken the lead on a number of smartphone technologies.

This has been the case with screen resolution, BGR noted. Since setting the standard with Retina Display in 2010, Apple has fallen behind its rival Samsung in terms of screen display, the report claimed.

“For about four years, iPhone displays were easily among the best in the business. What Apple didn’t anticipate, however, was how fast rival smartphone companies would match and surpass Apple’s screen tech,” the report noted.

As CBC writer Aaron Saltzman noted, Apple doesn’t seem to have the same fervor for breaking new technologies into the smartphone market.

Now, as my senior producer here recently opined, Apple is the General Motors of technology sector, only with a better cash position. The largest tech company in the world has sold a slew of once-innovative products but lately hasn’t offered much more than incremental improvements to those products, and hasn’t really given most people (other than true Apple acolytes) a good enough reason to upgrade.

Of course, that goes both ways. Patrick O’Rourke, a writer with the Canadian website MobileSyrup, told the CBC that Android devices have also hit a plateau as most of the ground-breaking smartphone technology has already been introduced.

And even though the iPhone 7 is yet to be launched, there is already speculation about what will be included in the iPhone 8. Digitimes found a report from the Chinese-site that Apple is planning to introduce the eye-scanning technology already featured on Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7, which allows users to unlock their phone with a scan of their eye.

“According to the report, a Taiwan-based company called Xintec is to start mass producing iris-recognition chips, some of which will be embedded in the 2017 series of iPhone,” the Mirror noted.There are also rumors that Apple will be launching a new curved OLED panel on the iPhone 8, a major follow-up to the Retina Display that will come on the 10th anniversary of the debut of the iPhone.Those who want to watch the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2 launch live online can click here for streaming video through Apple’s company website. The video feed will only work in Apple’s Safari browser or Microsoft Edge, but it can also be seen on mobile and desktop versions of the website.

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