Drake & Chris Brown Feud Over Rihanna, Diss Each Other On Instagram

Drake and Chris Brown are reportedly locked in a nasty feud as the “Hotline Bling” rapper gets serious with Rihanna.

According to reports, Brown and Drake haven’t exactly shied away from putting each other on serious blast and are taking their feud to Instagram for a pretty scathing war of words amid the feud claims.

Hollywood Life is reporting that the two rappers appeared to take serious shots at each other on Instagram recently, both subtly dissing each other while praising Lil Wayne.

According to the site, the latest drama between Drake and Chris, who have both been romantically linked to Rihanna, took place after Brown appeared to refer to Drake as being a “fake a** rapper” on Instagram in a now deleted post.

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“Supported my favorite rapper last night IN NEW ORLEANS BIG BRO FOR LIFE,” Chris snap on Instagram after performing with Lil Wayne in New Orleans while Drake gushed over Rihanna at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards.

“If it wasn’t for [Lil Wayne] a lot of these fake a** rappers wouldn’t get an opportunity,” Brown reportedly then continued in the post, which has since been deleted. “Real friends don’t depend on record sales or co-signs.”

Chris didn’t explicitly mention Drake in the photo’s caption, though fans were quick to speculate that Drake was one the “fake a** rappers” Brown was referring to after his increasingly serious romance with Rihanna hit the headlines.

But despite Chris having deleted the post, it looks like it wasn’t taken down fast enough for Drake to miss the subtle dig.

On September 5, Drake appeared to hit back at Chris with an Instagram diss of his own amid the reports of a feud, praising Lil Wayne while appearing to allude to Brown as a “weirdo.”

“The boss [Lil Wayne]. We are fighting until you get yours. Freedom to drop music and peace of mind,” Drake captioned his photo, before appearing to allude to Chris’s now deleted post. “I don’t know what these other weirdos are on with all the side talks but I know you gave me a shot and all I can ever do with the rest of my life is return the favor. YOUNG MONEY FOREVER.”

Hollywood Life was quick to accuse Drake’s caption as being a hit back at Brown amid their feud, reporting that “the two rappers are feuding majorly, and they’re using their love for Weezy to get away with it.”

But despite reports claiming that Brown’s Instagram message was aimed at Drake, the rapper actually denied the accusations on social media, claiming that fans accusing him and Drake of being locked in a nasty feud were “making an issue out of nothing.”

Baller Alert captured a screen shot of the comment Brown allegedly left in reply to Drake’s post, in which Chris flat out denied the feud reports.

“Y’all comments be funny. Making an issue outta nothing,” Brown wrote as the feud rumors swirled. “Everybody know I don’t have any issues @ing someone I had an issue wit. My post was for hip-hop. Stay classy.”

But despite Brown’s recent Drake feud denial, it has long been reported that Chris isn’t exactly happy about seeing his ex-girlfriend Rihanna move on with her “Work” duet partner.

After rumors swirled that Rihanna and Drake were getting serious with their romance, Hollywood Life claimed that Chris told friends Rihanna was his “soul mate” and admitted that he doesn’t believe she and Drake will ever get married.

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“If Rihanna’s about to sit up here and marry the biggest player in rap, then Chris is about to marry his baby’s mother and Karrueche’s [Tran] going to be one of the bridesmaids,” a source told the site in July. “Chris ain’t buying that for a minute.”

The insider then went on to allege that Brown described Drake as being a “long-term side piece” for Rihanna and revealed that he believes she and the rapper are only dating until he’s ready to get back together with the star.

“Drake’s just a pinch hitter until Chris is mentally and emotionally ready to step up to the plate and whisk Rihanna off her feet,” the source said. “[Chris] doesn’t believe for a second that his soulmate would tie the knot with her long-term side piece.”

Do you think Drake and Chris Brown were throwing some serious shade at each other on Instagram amid the feud reports?

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