Kylie Jenner Engaged? Kylie Goes Blonde Like Kim Kardashian, ‘This Is Serious, People’

Kylie Jenner’s blonde locks are making her into a “very busty blonde” Kim Kardashian according to the internet, and the internet is never wrong. It’s freaking people out to see how much alike the KUWTK half-sisters are when they both go bleached. The Daily Mail wrote that Kylie is a Kim Kardashian clone, and one Twitter user said that Kylie and Kim look identical with their new blonde color.

Another tweeter noticed that Kylie looks just like Kim after the bleach blonde job. Kylie decided to go blonde over the weekend, and according to celeb gossip site Toofab, the first her fans knew of it was through a selfie she posted “without comment.” When Kylie followers woke up to see the new hair, they didn’t know what to do.

Some fans are still stuck on how much Kylie and Kim look alike, but some are wondering if the possible engagement ring Kylie’s been flashing around has anything to do with her new blonde looks.

There’s so much of big sis Kim in Kylie. First, the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan surged into adulthood when she turned 18, and nearly dethroned Kim as queen of social media. Now, Kylie is outdoing Kim on the hair-dye front, and some people wonder which sister wears the blonde better.

Cosmopolitan doesn’t have the answer to that question, but points out that there seems to be a rivalry of sorts between Kim and Kylie. That could mean more Kardashian drama for an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

“I guess she thinks she’s Kim now?!”

Kylie might think she’s Kim, or she might be inspired by their oldest sister, Kourtney Kardashian. Kylie posted a photo of blonde Kourtney recently on Instagram, and the pic got a million likes. That’s enough likes to make even Kylie Jenner think about changing it up in the hair department to give herself a new look for an announcement that she is engaged, if that’s what’s coming up.

Kylie’s blonde adventure could also just be because she’s a “regular 19-year-old who wants to bleach and dye the crap out of her hair” like all the other teenagers in her world. The youngest Jenner sister has experimented a lot with her look in the past. She’s even had green locks.

The difference this time around is that all the other colors were wigs that looked real but actually left her natural hair completely untouched. Jenner even made a point of telling everyone that it’s all her natural hair. A Twitter user saw Kylie’s caption on her Snapchat pic, and joked that it shows celebrities are just like us.

This time around, Jenner made sure to document every step of the way on Snapchat, so there would be no doubt that her new blonde color was real. She did leave one mystery that fans had to wait for. All the way through the bleach process, Kylie engaged with fans, asking what they thought and sharing that she wasn’t sure whether to go with honey or platinum.

Finally, Jenner “unveiled her new look” with an Instagram “back-of-head” pic of herself walking down the steps from a plane that had just landed in New York City.

Flying to NYC right after the change-up for her brunette locks is probably part of Jenner’s plan to take New York’s Fashion Week by storm since it’s kicking off right now. Kylie is engaged to appear in the Andrew Wang show at the iconic Fashion Week, and ET Online pointed out that the Lipkit maven shared that engagement with followers shortly before landing in NYC sporting her new tresses.

There could be another reason that Jenner is making changes to her looks. Rumors are flying that the big rock on her finger is actually an engagement ring from Tyga.

If Kylie is engaged to Tyga, then she’ll be planning a big wedding with all the extras the Kardashians love. Getting a bleach job as an engagement present to herself would be a great start for a splashy wedding and engagement for Kylie.

[Photo by Ari Perilstein/Getty Images for A-OK Collective, LLC.]

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