‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Actor: Johnny Lewis Allegedly Attacked Painter Before Death

Johnny Lewis, the Sons of Anarchy actor who allegedly killed his landlady and her cat before falling to his death from a roof, has been reported to have attacked two neighbors and a painter. Lewis was thought to be high on a drug dubbed “Smiles” during the incidents.

Lewis was found dead in the driveway of a Los Feliz home on Wednesday after he allegedly beat his 81-year-old landlady, Catherine Davis, to death.

According to the Huffington Post, the altercation between Johnny Lewis and his landlady wasthe culmination of many mounting problems for Lewis. He had been arrested three times this year, abused drugs, and had mental health issues.

Davis’ neighbor recalls that Lewis approached him and introduced himself as “John” saying that he was new to the neighborhood. Lewis then left, but returned 15 minutes later, hopped a fence, and started to attack a painter that was working at the neighbor’s home.

The neighbor’s wife immediately started screaming for help. The neighbor, the neighbors wife, and the painter all struggled against Lewis, but he seemed to be unfazed by any of their blows. The nighbor told the newspaper that “It was like hitting him with a fly swatter”.

Once the trio finally managed to shake Lewis off, they ran inside the house and barricaded the door.

Police finally showed up and found Lewis dead in Davis’ driveway after apparently falling off of her roof or balcony.

Lewis was reported to be bi-polar and had suffered a “psychotic break” after an incident earlier this year, according to TMZ. He began to “self-medicate” to deal with his problem, but Lewis was never the same, his family told the website.

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