Apple Watch 2: Will New Version Prove Second Time’s A Charm?

Along with the new iPhone, Apple will announce the new Apple Watch at the Apple press event on Wednesday, September 7. According to the Daily Mirror, the Apple Watch 2 will have some important upgrades.

“The main features you can expect to see in the Apple Watch 2 are a faster 16nm processor from TSMC, a barometer that will measure atmospheric pressure, inbuilt GPS, superior waterproofing, and a higher capacity battery.”

The article adds that the Apple Watch 2 may be trying to market itself more as a sporting watch. It won’t include 4G connectivity, something many users asked for. In other words, the watch will still be very dependent on your iPhone.

The new version of the Apple Watch won’t have 4G connectivity. [Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]
Meanwhile, Mac Rumors reports on the new Apple Watch display.

“In its newest video, published this morning, Byte tore down the Apple Watch 2 display to give us a closer look at its individual components. According to Byte, the display is ‘the most advanced display of its kind,’ with an ‘incredibly thin’ build that incorporates cutting edge technology.”

The article adds that what appears to be the touchscreen controller is sandwiched between the NFC chip and capacitors on the other, which makes a build that is different from the first generation device. Many of the commenters after the article are excited.

“They are gonna sell a ton of these. So many people are waiting for the 2nd gen to jump in (self-included),” says Swester.

“Watch 1 did plenty to justify the price (so much that I keep forgetting awesome things it can do). But it did them all too slowly. Watch OS 3 fixes that. And now a new generation will be even better still—with at least small refinements. Happy to have waited and done without one,” claims Nagromme.

Many are showing excitement for the new Apple Watch on Twitter.

Many wonder if the new Apple Watch can help Apple make the device a hit. While many watch buyers said that the Apple Watch was a very useful device, it did not become the hit many had expected.

The Verge knew Apple was taking a risk when they officially announced the device on March 9, 2015.

“After months of fanfare, Apple finally announced a date for its smartwatch: April 24th. The timepieces are one of the riskiest ventures Apple has made in years, and they’re going to play a big role in either making smartwatches the new smartphones or sending them back to the panels of Dick Tracy.”

One year later, sales were so slow that Apple had to reduce the price of the device. Tech Times analyzed the claims the Apple Watch was a flop.

The Apple Watch, released in 2015, didn’t become the hit everybody expected it to be. [Photo by Stephen Lam/Getty Images]
“Circling back to the here and now, there has been talk suggesting the Apple Watch is a flop. And it is. The Apple Watch is a flop in that it failed to live up to some of the loftier of predictions and the castles of air built on them,” claimed columnist Quinten Plummer.

However, Plummer added that in terms of being special and taking the lead in the smartwatch market, the Apple Watch may not have been such a flop. He said that even though the watch had been losing steam, is was still commanding 52 percent of the smartwatch market share.

The main problem is that 52 percent doesn’t mean much when there isn’t much of a market for smartwatches, to begin with. However, the industry has slowly been rising in 2016. Perhaps the Apple Watch 2 will finally help the smartwatch industry become mainstream.

[Image via Daryl Deino]

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