Kim Kardashian Divorce? Awful Vacation Puts Kimye Marriage At Risk

A Kim Kardashian divorce seems to be on the brink. While the reality TV star took her kids to New York City to have some quality time with their father Kanye West, it was a disastrous trip. An insider close to the Kardashian family said that Kim is “more miserable than ever,” since the family vacation.

Though Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have been married for two years, the couple’s marriage has allegedly been on the fritz for a while, reported Radar Online. Recently, Kimye was on another vacation in Toronto with Kardashian’s best friend, Jonathan Cheban. While the two friends were walking down the street and chatting it up, Kanye was trailing behind them. Though the three of them were allegedly sight-seeing and shopping together, this was a cause for concern.

While a Kim Kardashian divorce hasn’t been announced yet, the reality TV star and her music mogul husband are without a doubt in trouble. A day before Kimye was spotted walking around in Toronto with Cheban, the two allegedly got into a major blowout fight. A source close to the Kardashian clan says the actress is fed up with her vacation and husband.

“Kim cannot wait to get home. She is having an absolutely miserable time…At this point, she just wants to get back home.”

A Kim Kardashian divorce will most likely be underway soon. The reality TV star has been over Kanye for quite some time. While her husband is in the spotlight, she feels forced to cater to him, an anonymous source told Radar Online.

“Kim is tired of chasing Kanye around from gig to gig and this whole entire trip has just been one big disaster after another.”

Though a Kim Kardashian divorce has yet to take place, it almost seems certain that the reality TV star will file for one soon. Not only has this vacation made Kardashian miserable, but being forced to go to the east coast in general.

“Kim does not like the east coast. She hates being so far away from her family.”

This isn’t the first time Kim Kardashian has complained about taking her children to New York City. While at the VMA’s, the television star allegedly told Kanye West that she feels “unsafe” taking her kids to the Big Apple.

The Kim Kardashian divorce allegations were only furthered when rumors about the couple moving to New York City began to circulate. Allegedly, Kanye West has been nudging his wife to consider living on the east coast, explained the inside source.

“Kanye was suggesting that they buy property there and Kim does not want to have any part of that.”

The unknown source close to the Kardashian family explained the multiple reasons Kim doesn’t have any interest in purchasing property in New York City.

“She just does not feel secure and she does not like the fact that there are so many people that seem to have such close access to her and her family in NYC.”

A Kim Kardashian divorce has seemed to have been a possibility for quite a while. Allegedly, Kanye West has been very controlling of his wife. A source close to the Hollywood family told Radar Online that the rapper forced his wife to wear a specific outfit at the VMAs.

“Kanye ‘designed’ their look. He picked the black and white outfits that were contrasting because it thought it looked cool.”

Kanye West apparently didn’t ask for his wife’s input on the clothing.

“Kanye was in charge of everything. Kim listens to him and doesn’t question him at all.”

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