‘Batman: The Killing Joke’s’ Joker Mark Hamill, Kevin Conroy Hint At Red Hood/Jason Todd/Robin, 2017 Animated Batman: ‘Hush’, ‘Death In The Family’ Movies Possible?

Batman: The Killing Joke’s Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy provided a hint at a couple of Batman animated movies, according to Screen Geek. The duo voices of The Joker and the caped crusader appeared at the 2016 Toronto Fan Expo panel, and when they were asked about their future portraying the roles, they slyly mentioned certain publication titles in the form of a question.

From Comic Books To Animated Movie Adaptations?

Conroy asked Hamill, “What do you think about doing Hush?”

Hamill asked Conroy, “What do you think about doing A Death In The Family?”

A rounding applause filled the panel as it gained the approval from The Killing Joke fans. The actors were also asked if they were finished with the roles and that was a definite no.

Which is interesting because after Batman: Arkham City in 2011, Mark Hamill said he was done voicing The Joker and would only come back if The Killing Joke would be created. He also will be returning as The Joker in an upcoming Justice League Action cartoon, according to Batman-News.

Batman: A Death In The Family Adaption To Live-Action And Animated Movies?

One can only speculate, but in the Death In The Family publication therein lies the demise of Jason Todd/Robin and his rendition of the Red Hood alter ego. So if this animated film were ever to happen, it would be interesting to see if inspiration would be taken from the comic story line and in what fashion.

In The Killing Joke the Red Hood character was revisited, so it would be interesting to see how The Joker would pass on the mantle in later animated movies. It was Jason Todd who went on to be the second Red Hood.

It’s also interesting how it was Jason Todd’s suit on display in the Bat Cave in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, according to Batman-News.

“This was one of the big things from Batman v Superman, right across this way. The Jason Todd Robin suit. Spray painted on the front ‘Ha ha. The joke’s on you Batman’. Those of you that know the storyline, know what happened to this Robin.”

Almost a year ago the Batman solo movie was rumored to take on the Red Hood and The Joker, according to JoBlo. Their sources also indicated that the flick would be adapting Death In The Family and Under The Hood. Latino-Review received a scoop last year that Red Hood will also be a “priority” character.


So it looks like there’s some interesting information/rumors out there involving an adaptation from the Death In The Family graphic novel. Leave it to Batman: The Killing Joke’s Hamill and Conroy to start up the speculation mill.

Jason Todd’s DCEU Appearance Invalid?

On the other hand, Movie Pilot thinks that DC will not take on Jason Todd in the DCEU. They don’t think the suit in the Bat Cave is Todd’s. The reason being is that he’s considered an “overused plot point” and that the “confirmation is insubstantial.” The latter ascribed to previous confirmations of other characters appearing in Suicide Squad and Batman v. Superman. As it turns out, no appearances were made.

Batman: Hush Animated Adaptation

For those unfamiliar with this story, the Hush graphic novel entails a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne that later torments the Batman. The publication features plenty of villains. Just like a few other villains in the Batman universe, Hush’s characteristics involve a bandaged face and head.

His real name is Thomas Elliot and is a highly adept plastic surgeon, a strategist as he enjoyed playing such games with Bruce Wayne as a child, and a manipulator which helps him in creating turmoil in Batman’s life. It appears his hatred for Wayne tends to fire up the strength he needs to take on the Dark Knight.

So how do you think The Killing Joke voice over actors will portray themselves in these future DC animated possibilities? It sounds like both Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy are enthused with A Death In The Family and Hush prospects. Are you just as enthusiastic?

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