‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7 Spoilers: New Spain Locations, Angela Lansbury Joins Cast?

Warning: This article may contain Game of Thrones Season 7 spoilers.

Game of Thrones Season 7 has finally begun filming, which means cast sightings and set location spoilers are popping up all over the place.

Reliable fan site Watchers On the Wall reports HBO is already preparing several beach locations in Spain for Season 7 filming. The network has begun hiring local crews for shoots along the Basque Coast, with Bermeo, Zumaia, Trujillo, and Malpartida all been being confirmed as filming locations. Muriola Beach in Barrika was also just announced.

The Trujillo and Malpartida shoots will reportedly require more than 500 production crew members. Local word is filming will begin in November and run to December, so it’s a fairly significant shoot. Meanwhile, Game of Thrones casting firm ModExpor International put out an all-male casting call for the Bermeo shoot, which will last two or three days. WOTW notes the location isn’t suitable for a battle sequence, so male extras could mean a scene with Daenerys and her Unsullied army or Dothraki warriors. The shooting dates for Muriola Beach have not yet been released.

Next, El Correo reports that Las Atarazanas, the Royal Dockyards of Seville, has also been named as a Game of Thrones Season 7 filming location. The site, which was built in the 13th century under the order of Ferdinand III of Castile, is described as a medieval shipyard with a Gothic design. It is not yet known if the location will actually be used as a shipyard or for some other purpose.

In other Game of Thrones Season 7 news, the show’s cast has been trickling into Belfast, Northern Ireland, over the last few days, and fans are running into them all over the place.

Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy) made a fan happy.

As did Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jamie Lannister).

A fan found Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister) wandering around as well.

Meanwhile, Hafþór Björnsson showed off the Mountain’s dire need for eye drops from the Game of Thrones makeup trailer.

Finally, Geek Syndicate spotted Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) trying to be inconspicuous at the Belfast airport on Sept. 2.

And is Michiel Huisman (Daario) coming back? Maybe, according to an interview the actor did with Entertainment Tonight. When Huisman was asked if he knew whether his character was returning in Season 7 or Season 8, he said, “Yes, I do, and I’m not supposed to spoil that.”

After that coy response, he observed GoT characters all have iffy lifespans.

“Being part of Game of Thrones, you’re always expecting your character to die. You’re not mentally preparing yourself for a very long haul.”

Take that as you will.

There are also some big Game of Thrones Season 7 spoilers floating around regarding new cast members. German news site Bild reports British actress Angela Lansbury will be joining GoT this season. The Murder, She Wrote and Beauty and the Beast icon will reportedly film for four days and appear in two of season’s seven episodes. As intriguing as that potential casting news is, neither HBO or Lansbury’s publicist have confirmed her involvement.

Another Brit who has been confirmed for the GoT Season 7 cast is Oscar winner Jim Broadbent, according to Entertainment Weekly. There are few details regarding the Harry Potter franchise actor’s role, but his part is rumored to be “significant.”

If all these Game of Thrones Season 7 location and casting spoilers don’t have you excited, let me point you to the reaction Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) tweeted after reading scripts from the new season.

What do you think of the latest Game of Thrones Season 7 spoilers? Do you have any predictions based on the locations or casting news?

Game of Thrones Season 7 returns to HBO in summer 2017.

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