‘Narcos’ Renewed For Season 3 And 4: Pablo’s Stare In The Teaser Leaves Chills

Netflix has renewed its hit crime docudrama Narcos for Season 3 and 4. The online TV shows and movies streaming giant has shared a teaser video confirming Narcos Season 3 in the line for the next year.

This Netflix Original docudrama style series is about the most notorious Colombian drug lord and kingpin, Pablo Escobar. Netflix released the Season 2 of Narcos on September 2, 2016, and the fans are still catching up with the post prison-break chronicles of Pablo.

Narcos Season 1 received critical acclaim including the Golden Globe nominations for Best Television Drama series and Wagner Moura for Actor – Best Television Drama Series. The fans, including the celebs, are digging Season 2, and that could push the series towards award nominations this year.

Boyd Holbrook, Wagner Moura, and Pedro Pascal at the “Narcos” Season 2 premiere. [Photo by Eric Charbonneau/Invision for Netflix/AP Images]
The new 30-second Narcos Season 3 teaser highlights the text “The Blow Must Go On” and thereby speculates the on-going story line. Wagner Moura (Elite Squad), who portrays Pablo Escobar, is staring at the camera.

Gaumont International Television, the studio that produced Hannibal, will continue linking the chains for Season 3 and 4. José Padilha (Elite Squad, RoboCop) and Eric Newman (Children of Men) will also continue their duties as executive producers of the show. It is too early to judge if the creative team and story department will see any radical changes.

[WARNING: Season 2 Spoilers ahead. Scroll down to bolded line to continue reading spoiler-free]

Season 2 was about the manhunt and the death of the dangerous Pablo Escobar. The creators of the show told USA Today that the show was never about Pablo Escobar and it was about the drug war.

While there are several stories and reports about how Pablo died, the real officers, Steve Murphy and Javier Peña, openly talked about the details of Pablo’s death and the information they relayed to the creators of the show, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

“I was there. I’m the only American who was there that saw Pablo Escobar’s body. The reason I was smiling is because we knew, effective that moment, that every citizen in Colombia was safer, simply because one man died.”

In the show, Boyd Halbrook (Gone Girl) plays DEA agent Steve Murphy and Pedro Pascal (Game of Thrones) plays DEA agent Javier Peña.

Even before Season 2 landed, Padilha and Newman talked about the fate of Pablo Escobar leading to his inevitable death. Both of the creators said Narcos will continue to further show the drug wars that panned out starting from the 1970s, the formative years of Escobar as shown in Season 1. In Season 2, the story quickly pans through the last 18 months of the nefarious and violent drug lord, according to the Inquisitr.

Talking to IndieWire, Padilha clarified the theme of the docudrama series by citing how America consumes drugs in massive quantities and is the biggest drug market, money-wise. Meanwhile, America’s solution has been to kill the suppliers, while being loose on educating and doing social work.

In Season 2, the Colombian Government and U.S. Government worked together to gun down Escobar and left a bunch of possibilities to be woven for the next season. In the process, two Rodriguez brothers along with two others are the four godfathers of the Cali Cartel, who will continue to channel the Colombian cocaine to the U.S. Both the Colombian and U.S. government must work together to stop that.

Adding to that, Newman states that the show will run as long as the viewers let him and until the cocaine trade stops. In a nutshell, despite the death of Pablo in Season 2, the documentary-style crime drama on the war with the drug cartels will continue to reveal more chapters beyond Escobar.

[Spoilers End Here]

Following Season 2, Pablo fans are going to miss him. But here’s an opportunity to know the real him outside of Narcos. Canada’s Network Entertainment has produced a documentary series titled Facing. The first episode (requires subscription) shows some rare footage as well as photos of the drug lord Pablo and an interview of those who faced him when he was alive. National Geographic is distributing the Facing series in the U.S.

Narcos Season 2 landed on September 2 on Netflix. For those who have yet to watch this slow yet gripping crime drama, open Netflix to start streaming Season 1.

Netflix simply states that Narcos Season 3 is set to arrive in 2017, but did not specify the date. However, looking at the release chronology of Season 1 and 2, the new Season 3 might arrive on Netflix by fall 2017.

What would you like to see in Season 3 of Narcos? Share your theories in the comments section below.

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