Sonja Morgan Says ‘Truth Will Come Out’ About Dorinda Medley’s Drug Use

Sonja Morgan may not have made any plans to confront Dorinda Medley at the Real Housewives of New York, but the reunion turned out to be quite the drama fest. Accusations were quickly flying at the reunion special, as Bethenny Frankel had made the claim that Dorinda was doing lines of cocaine. Morgan agreed with Bethenny, and she didn’t want to call Medley out on specific instances, but she did reveal that everyone knows that Dorinda does drugs. While Morgan didn’t say cocaine specifically, rumors quickly spread that Dorinda and her boyfriend John Mahdessian do cocaine when they party.

According to a new tweet, Sonja Morgan is now revealing that the truth will come out about her co-star, even though Dorinda denied doing drugs. In her blog, Medley revealed that she didn’t do drugs, and she was very upset that Morgan would make such claims about her social life, especially because of her daughter Hannah. Also, she reveals that she didn’t see Morgan at all over the summer so it doesn’t make sense that Sonja would make such claims. But Sonja reveals that Dorinda can deny the rumors, but the truth will come out.

“I am sorry [Sonja], I do not at all trust Dorinda Medley at all. I hope u watch what you tell her of ur per life,” one person wrote to Sonja Morgan, who replied with, “Doesn’t matter when they make stuff up. Truth comes out. Always does. I like to build relationships slowly #RHONY.”

When the reunion aired, Twitter fans were surprised at how quickly the ladies moved on from the cocaine rumors. It did seem like everyone at the reunion knew about Dorinda’s drug use, but they didn’t want to bring it up at the Real Housewives of New York reunion out of respect for her. All of the ladies agreed to move on from the topic, but Andy Cohen was surprised and shocked. And Twitter fans were surprised at how quickly the topic changed.

No word on whether this drug use will surface once again on this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of New York reunion. But it sounds like Sonja thinks the truth will come out eventually, even if Medley doesn’t return to the show next season. She has already threatened not to return, as she doesn’t appreciate rumors surfacing on the show. In her blog for last week’s reunion special, Sonja Morgan reveals that she doesn’t care if Dorinda does drugs in her spare time — just own it. Clearly, Sonja isn’t accepting Dorinda’s claims that she’s never done drugs before.

“Regarding who does drugs, drinks too much at parties, is an alcoholic, speaks inappropriately when not drinking, sleeps with married men or just for sex and not working towards marriage (aka friends with benefits/lovers), is the best in business, just enjoys their business, or has no business to really speak of, I don’t care. I just want to have a greeeeeaaat tiiiiiime with my friends and support their dreams and introduce them to good people. However, I hate a liar. Be mad at me and confused about your feelings and a downright bitch, but speak your truth. Don’t manipulate the facts and be a hypocrite, because it always comes out in the wash. Nobody defended Dorinda regarding drug use and they party with her allllll the tiiiiiiime,” Sonja Morgan reveals in her Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of New York.

What do you think of Sonja Morgan’s comment about the truth coming out? Do you think Dorinda Medley is really doing cocaine in her spare time as her co-stars’ claims?

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