Josh Murray Speaks Out About Amanda Stanton, Says ‘Best Woman I’ve Ever Met’

Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton are obviously a great couple on Bachelor in Paradise. These two love each other and are already making plans to spend their life together when the show is over. ET got the chance to talk to Josh Murray, and he shared all of his thoughts on Amanda Stanton, and he only has great things to say about her. This interview was with Lauren Zima on the set of BIP earlier this summer.

From the second that Josh Murray went into Bachelor in Paradise, he has been with Amanda Stanton. They get along with each other great. Here is what Josh had to say about her.

“I’m so in love right now. Amanda is an amazing woman. She is the best woman I’ve ever met in my entire life… She’s beautiful not only on the outside, but it radiates on the inside, and that’s what I love the most about her.”

At this point, Josh Murray already knew that he wanted to be with Amanda. He said that Amanda helped calm him down during this entire show. Josh went on to say, “I think that’s what couples should do. They shouldn’t try to compete against one another, they’re on the same team … It’s so refreshing to know that there are people out there like her.”

When it comes to the stuff that Andi Dorfman wrote in her book, Josh Murray admits that people bring it up. He says it actually helped strengthen his relationship with Amanda, though. She has had his back through it all no matter what. Josh says that during his relationship with Andi he learned a lot of things about what he wants in a partner and being with Amanda is a total 180 from that relationship.

Josh says he felt an “instant spark” with Amanda. This couple does seem like they are doing great and neither one of them have anything bad to say about the other one. Murray shared that they have been talking about having more children at some point as well. The couple possibly wants three more children in the future. Josh went on to talk about how much he wants to meet her kids.

“I cannot wait to meet her kids. I’ve been begging this whole time. I wish they would fly them out here but we’re gonna try and set something up as soon as possible when I get back. I love children and I’m excited because you can just tell when you speak with Amanda that she’s such an amazing mother. She talks about her kids all the time. She’s excited to get back there to see them and so am I.”

At this point, Josh Murray even knew what kind of ring Amanda Stanton wants. It sounds like he was ready to propose to her right away and meeting with Neil Lane means that could probably happen.

Romper shared that Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton are already living together. Josh has moved to California to be with her. Josh has even been spotted with Amanda’s kids out and about. It looks like this couple is doing great since the show ended and they are not trying to hide that they are in love. Tonight fans will finally get to see the end of their love story on Bachelor in Paradise. Once the show is done filming, Josh and Amanda will be able to explain all the details of how things are going for them now.

Are you shocked to see that Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton are getting along so well? Do you think that these two are the perfect couple? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss the big finale of Bachelor in Paradise tonight on ABC.

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