‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sabrina Suspects Paul Is Up To Something-Will She Be The One Who Cracks The Serial Killer Case?

The General Hospital serial killer, now revealed as Paul Hornsby, has been running around killing patients without anyone even suspecting that it could be him. Ava Jerome is the only one who knows his secret, but she is too wrapped up in blackmailing him that she doesn’t seem to care if another person ends up dead. However, Sabrina Santiago may just have her suspicions about the district attorney.

Last week on General Hospital, Sabrina found out about Elizabeth’s tumble down the stairs after someone pushed her and she rushed to her room to visit with her. These two have been good friends, but they have not been spending much time together lately. Liz was grateful to have someone else’s company, besides having Franco hovering over her. Sabrina will be back on Tuesday’s episode and according to spoilers by Soaps She Knows, she will be discovering some type of surprising news. Does it have something to do with the hospital serial killer?

Paul was trying to change the subject when Liz outed him as being the last one she had run into before she was pushed down the stairs. He was rummaging around in Monica’s office when she walked in. His excuse of trying to find a pen was not welcomed by Sabrina as she was sitting there next to Liz while this conversation was going on. The look on her face proved that she was not buying his story at all.

While General Hospital has not yet revealed exactly why Paul Hornsby has been killing patients, he is a dangerous man right now. This puts Elizabeth in extreme danger, especially since she is laid up and defenseless in her hospital bed. GH seems to be a very hazardous place to be right now. If Sabrina does start investigating herself, she will definitely be in danger as well.

There is also another possible victim that Celebrity Dirty Laundry has revealed that may be on Paul’s hit list. Nurse Amy Driscoll could be at risk as well, but it seems that anyone and everyone at General Hospital could be the next victim. It is unclear how long the soap will let this whole storyline go on for, but Sabrina could very possibly be the one who eventually cracks the case.

If the new mom does suspect that Paul is the hospital serial killer, she may just want to stick by Elizabeth’s bedside until she is out of there. What will Sabrina do with her suspicions? She may not want to go to Jordan or Nathan as they may not believe her. Plus Paul is always lurking about at the PCPD, so that may not be a good idea right now.

She may just go to Monica as to why she has this weird feeling about Paul Hornsby. Between the two of them, they would make a great pair to crack this case wide open. Besides, Monica was next on Paul’s list as he did try to plunge that syringe into her, but got interrupted before he did the dirty deed.

Will Paul go after Sabrina? If he does, it could be that Joe Rivera, who now works at General Hospital, will be the one to save her. It seems that the writers may be trying to pair those two up and what better way than to have him be the one to save her life. She and Michael are trying to work on their relationship, and they are both committed to each other, but Carlos’ brother seems to be trying to come between them.

This case of the hospital serial killer has been going on for a while, and now that that person has been revealed, General Hospital viewers are waiting to find out exactly why Paul is doing all of this in the first place. Everyone seems to be sitting ducks right now. It is not a good time to be a patient or to be on staff at GH, especially since the killer is someone who has a lot of clout around Port Charles.

Do you think Sabrina will be the one who outs Paul Hornsby as the hospital serial killer?

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