‘Vampire Diaries’ Season 4 Spoilers: Is Elena Dead? [Video]

Vampire Diaries hits the small screen for the start of Season 4 on October 11. The looming question from last season will finally be answered; is, Elana ( played by Nina Dobrev) alive, dead, or a vampire? When she awakes from her Snow White type slumber, Stefan (played by Paul Wesley) is of course, right by her side. The tender scene may delight fans of usually good guy Stefan, but bad boy Damon (played by Ian Somerhalder) muscles his way next to their shared love interest as well.

The first few scenes in the new season of the Vampire Diaries focuses on Elena freaking out that the men who have both professed their love for her, failed to save her. She struggles to digest the fact that she is only still among the living because of a decision that Meredith (played by Torrey DeVitto) made, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

In episode two, Elena allegedly goes on the attack for the very first time. The new vampire comes very close to losing control, but is stopped just in time by her best friend. Once again the Salvatore brothers will battle for the brunette’s affection. Stefan wants his girlfriend to be a kinder, gentler, vamp and dine on only animal blood. It appears Damon may have other menu ideas in mind. Vampire Diaries spoilers posted by Hollywood Hills note that the bad boy tries to help Elena transition to her new station in life in his own way, buy wants to keep his efforts on the hush. If Damon does not want Stefan to know something, his brother always eventually finds out and trouble ensues.

A dangerous vampire hunter is on his way to town, so the trio better find a way to put their blood-sucking preferences aside quickly, if they all want to stay whole.

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