‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Update: How Are Izzy Goodkind And Vinny Ventiera Now?

Tonight on Bachelor in Paradise, fans will see Izzy Goodkind realize her mistake by breaking up with Vinny Ventiera so early. The couple seemed to be doing great, and then eventually she changed her mind. Yahoo shared a bit about what Izzy will say tonight on the show. Izzy knows that she didn’t do the right thing with Vinny.

Tonight, Izzy says she, “made a huge mistake. Like I just need to see Vinny, and I just want to go and try. I love Vinny. But I didn’t give us that chance to fall in love, and I’m so upset with myself that I didn’t give us that chance. I broke it off, and I ended it because I was terrified.” It sounds like Izzy doesn’t feel like she dumped Vinny because of another guy but simply because she was scared.

Izzy Goodkind was seen talking to Brett Melnick, and he tells her that he wants to move on. It is then when Izzy understands that she missed her chance with love with Vinny and should have never let him go home. Bustle shared if Izzy is single now that she is home and how things are going for her. So far, Izzy and Vinny are not admitting that they are together again, but things are looking that way. In July, Izzy was hanging out with Vinny in NYC, but she has also been seen with Christian Bishop, Olivia Caridi, and Caila Quinn.

During After Paradise a while back, Izzy talked to Vinny saying, “We didn’t really ever have certain conversations about our family life, our home life, growing up, those sorts of things, which I think are a great foundation to any relationship. That was something we had been missing.” At the time, Vinny didn’t make it sound like he wanted to get back with her saying, “I feel like she played herself in the situation. I think if she would’ve been more mature and communicated more, it would’ve been a better outcome.”

Vinny and Izzy have been talking on social networks, and he has been sticking up for people bullying her. It looks like they are at least friends again if nothing else. TMZ shared something that makes it look like Izzy and Vinny might be more than just friends, though. They were spotted on a flight together and tried to make it sound like they were just friends, but they didn’t do a very good job of convincing everyone. Izzy even reached over and cleaned something off his face making it look like they were pretty close.

Tonight, Vinny told Izzy that she couldn’t come to Florida, but it is obvious they have seen each other since then and at least talked through things. Fans would love for these two to share a few of the details about how it all went down for them after Izzy left Bachelor in Paradise.

At this time, Vinny and Izzy are not sharing if they are more than just friends, but now that the show is almost over they might start talking. The fans would love to hear that Izzy and Vinny found a way to work it out once they got home. That would be just one more success story from the show. Regardless of what happens, Izzy has found someone who will be her friend forever.


Do you think that Izzy Goodkind and Vinny are back together again? Do you think that these two make a great couple? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss the big finale of Bachelor in Paradise on Tuesday night on ABC. It is going to be a season that ends with more than one engagement.

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