‘Teen Mom 2’ Update: What Are Jenelle, Kailyn, Chelsea, And Leah Up To?

Season 7 of Teen Mom 2 may have wrapped up back in June of this year, but that has not stopped all four mothers from continuing to make headlines. Truthfully, all four of the moms live their lives under a microscope. Teen Mom 2 fans are obsessed with staying up to date on the lives of these girls, their children, and their baby daddies. So, what are Jenelle, Kailyn, Chelsea, and Leah currently up to?

Jenelle Evans

It wasn’t too long ago that Teen Mom 2 fans may remember Jenelle Evans doing everything she could to deny pregnancy rumors. Thanks to the leak of a police report, Jenelle was forced to admit that she was pregnant with her third child. In the last week, Evans has been seen showing off her baby bump several times!

According to Blasting News, Evans is currently talking about being on a new reality show on WEtv. Whether or not Jenelle will be on the show, however, is still up in the air as some sources are saying the network already backed out of having Evans on the show when she threatened a lawsuit against “that channel” on Twitter.

Jenelle is also believed to still be battling her mother Barbara for custody of her son Jace as well as entertaining the idea of taking Nathan back to court to revisit the custody arrangement for Kaiser.

Kailyn Lowry

Teen Mom 2 fans were devastated when the marriage of Javi and Kailyn came to an end. Rumors swirled around what exactly ended the marriage. Some believe Kailyn cheated on Javi while other speculate that all Kailyn’s cosmetic surgery played a role in the end of their relationship.

Earlier today, the Inquisitr reported that Kailyn has no interest in bashing the father of her children. It appears as if this Teen Mom 2 star will be happy when the show stops being so interesting and fans lose interest in following every move she and her co-stars make. The Inquisitr even speculated whether or not Lowry was edging towards being done with the show given her recent social media comments.

A picture Kailyn Lowry shared on her Instagram three days ago suggests the Teen Mom 2 star is still not happy with the results of her cosmetic surgery as she continues to use products to further lose weight and shape her body. Will she ever be happy with the way she looks? This is the question many fans wonder about.

Lowry had also recently been faced with rumors questioning her sexuality. These rumors went as far as to question whether she and Becky Hayter were in a relationship together. According to EntStarz, a conversation between Lowry and Hayter on Twitter only add fuel to the speculation regarding whether or not the two are in a relationship.

In one post, Lowry thanks Becky for last night and in another post, Becky questions why Lowry is FaceTiming her from another room and then orders her to make her breakfast in bed.

Chelsea Houska

Compared to her other co-stars, Teen Mom 2 fans rarely hear anything about Chelsea Houska. Even when fans do hear something about Chelsea, it is rarely anything negative. In fact, the most recent updates Houska has given to her fans include engagement and baby bump pictures on Instagram.

Leah Messer

In Season 6 of Teen Mom 2, fans may remember Leah getting divorced for a second time and then going to rehab. By Season 7, she had both lost and regained custody of her twins. Fortunately, the life of this Teen Mom 2 star is mostly uneventful. For Leah, this is very good news.

Nearly a week ago, Messer revealed to her Teen Mom 2 fans that vitamins were to thank regarding why she has been walking around with nothing but smiles the last few weeks.

Aside from fans taking every opportunity to tear apart pictures Leah posts of her children on social media by questioning her parenting skills, her life seems to be going pretty smoothly for now.

There you have it Teen Mom 2 fans. Chelsea Houska is pregnant and happily engaged. Jenelle is pregnant and battling for custody of her children. Kailyn is wrapping up a nasty divorce, dealing with lesbian-related issues, and still doesn’t appear to be happy with her appearance based on recent social media posts. Lastly, there’s Leah who just appears to be happy and content with her life.

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