WWE News: WWE SmackDown Live To Get Their Own Cruiserweight Division

WWE RAW has been showing off the fact that they will be getting the wonderful Cruiserweight Division when it hits the main roster. The Cruiserweight Classic became such a hit on day one that WWE felt compelled to bring the division back and it excited everyone. The real harm was that it would only go to one brand. RAW has spent a lot of time rubbing that in by telling us weekly that they were coming right after the CWC ended.

This was cool to see, but it left WWE SmackDown Live without a great cruiserweight division of their own. Some assumed the company might bring back the Light Heavyweight Title, but it does appear that RAW may not be the only one with smaller wrestlers competing on their roster. According to Daily Wrestling News, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is pushing for both RAW and SmackDown Live to have the same number of champions. This is being done to keep both brands even, rather than one having something that another does not have. It does make total sense that McMahon would want that, as he has clearly already presented such thoughts with SmackDown already.

The brand will be crowning a new Women’s and Tag Team Champion at WWE Backlash this Sunday, which will even them up with RAW’s champions before the cruiserweights come to the show. DWN reported that the RAW crew already has names decided on for their side and most came from the CWC. We have seen the random names pop up weekly with each member from the show that it appears WWE will bring to the main roster.

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Names like Brian Kendrick, Tajiri, Noam Dar, Tozawa, Richie Swann, and many more were seen the last couple of weeks. This is in addition to the people who already fit the role on the main roster like Neville, Sami Zayn, and others. That said, if every star that has been seen the last few weeks in the RAW showing of cruiserweights, they would be bringing in far too many people. Right now, without the main roster guys even in the discussion, the company has confirmed about 12 people. Add in the stars of the main roster and you have a division that is deep, but too stacked.

This is why the SmackDown Live crew getting a cruiserweight division is by no means far fetched in the slightest. While RAW is already decided, SmackDown would get second picks in it, which is by no means a bad thing considering SmackDown has done a lot with their “lesser roster” the last number of weeks.

In addition to this, there are many within the WWE who feel skeptical about the new cruiserweight division. The rumor going around according to DWN is that Vince McMahon may not want to keep the division for too long, but there is a lot of hope that Triple H will be able to keep the division alive. This is of course as long as it does well. If they can give us amazing matches each week, it makes sense to think that WWE would not want to cut the division when they have some amazing material weekly.

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It seems obvious that WWE RAW does not need that many names for their division, especially with guys already on the roster that fit within the division. Their roster is already too big with many people not getting time on the show already on a weekly basis. Another division only crowds things, especially if they had several new stars added to the program on a weekly basis. If they split the stars up between brands, it would make more than enough sense to see.

WWE could always go with Shane McMahon pulling a swerve and telling the world that he was able to convince his father that another cruiserweight division would be useful to the SmackDown Live brand. As Commissioner, he has the right to make a division if he so desires. It would be moronic to see Shane, a man of the people, to ignore the fact that fans want to see a similar division on the blue brand. This is especially true if he really wants to compete.

RAW is touting that they are the only ones with cruiserweights, so SmackDown being able to shock them by adding their own division would be interesting to see. Even if they have to go under another name, it would still be a fun way to go about things. The question is, when will SmackDown go for this? It is rumored that we could see it happen within the next month or two but not too long after RAW gets their own. That said, it could be quite quick as well. With Vince wanting to keep things even, don’t be surprised to see something pop up sooner.

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